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For the most part, the Eagles have stayed out of trouble

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is one of the most successful companies in the United States, but just like with any company, they have employees that get in trouble. According to Pro Football Talk's Police Blotter, more than 80 arrests have taken place over the last two years. From marijuana possession to DWI's to assault, the league and its teams have had to deal with the unpleasant side of having employees with money to blow and poor decision-making.

While the Eagles are not absolved from having troublemakers, the team has been relatively quiet on the arrest front. The Eagles have only had two arrests in as many years. The latest one involved former Eagle, Dion Lewis, who was later found to have done nothing wrong, despite being arrested for felony false reporting of a fire and misdemeanor reckless endangerment in July of last year. Prior to Lewis' arrest, Akeem Jordan was arrested for assault and battery in June of 2011. Jordan and Lewis both joined new teams this offseason.

The Eagles have one of the smaller arrest records over the last two years. In fact, only 12 teams in the NFL have less than two arrests. Houston, Baltimore and San Diego are the only teams to stay squeaky clean during that period. Of the divisions with the least arrests, the AFC South is the winner with just seven infractions.

For a full list of the total infractions by team, see below (keep in mind, Javon Belcher's December 1st murder-suicide was counted for the Chiefs, despite an arrest never happening):

Team Arrests Latest Arrest
Eagles 3 6/12/2013
Giants 1 6/10/2012
Cowboys 4 1/22/2013
Redskins 1 4/26/2012
Buccaneers 4 5/25/2013
Saints 1 5/26/2013
Panthers 1 11/2/2011
Falcons 2 4/18/2013
Packers 3 11/25/2011
Vikings 7 7/7/2012
Lions 6 3/26/2013
Bears 4 5/31/2013
Rams 2 3/22/2013
49ers 3 2/20/2013
Seahawks 4 1/29/2013
Cardinals 1 3/7/2013
Patriots 1 11/1/2011
Dolphins 3 11/26/2012
Bills 1 7/24/2011
Jets 3 5/17/2013
Jaguars 3 7/13/2012
Texans 0 N/A
Colts 1 1/13/2013
Titans 2 2/23/2013
Browns 1 7/3/2012
Bengals 9 6/10/2013
Steelers 3 1/10/2013
Ravens 0 N/A
Chargers 0 N/A
Raiders 3 1/8/2013
Chiefs 2 12/1/2012*
Broncos 5 7/14/2012

(Editor's Note: My bad...Jason Peters was arrested for drag racing and fleeing from police earlier today. Stats have been updated.)

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