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Philadelphia Eagles Mount Rushmore: Andy Reid era

PFT has been voting on a Mount Rushmore of great players for every team. But what if for the Eagles, we broke it down by era?

Unless you are not an American or in case the American education system has really failed you... Mount Rushmore is a memorial in South Dakota on which 4 great U.S. presidents have their faces engraved on the face of a mountain (Mount Rushmore coincidently!).

Mike Florio has tried to apply this same concept to football coming up with a Mount Rushmore more each NFL team. You can vote on his choices here if you're interested, but I wanted to try something different. What if we created a Mount Rushmore for every major Eagles era?

In most of our lifetimes, there have been 3 significant eras in recent Eagles history. The Dick Vermiel era, the Buddy Ryan era and the Andy Reid era. So I wanted to create a Mount Rushmore for each. We may also do all time Eagles coaching, early era Eagles and finally a full all time version as well.

Let's start with the most era and the one where pretty much everyone reading this site should be most familiar with. You can make your Mount Rushmore however you like (as long as it's only 4 guys), but to help I listed all the most notable Eagles from the Reid era.

Let's call it the Mount Reidmore!

Offense Defense/ST
Brian Westbrook Asante Samuel
Chad Lewis Bobby Taylor
DeSean Jackson Brian Dawkins
Donovan McNabb David Akers
Duce Staley Hugh Douglas
Jason Peters Jeremiah Trotter
Jon Runyan Trent Cole
LeSean McCoy Troy Vincent
Tra Thomas Quintin Mikell

Make your Mount Rushmore in the comments and we'll see if we can come to a consensus. Next up will be the Buddy Ryan era.

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