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The Philadelphia Eagles Most Bizarre Tweeter Award 2013 Goes To... Clifton Geathers

Things are about to get weird.

Clifton is the one on the left.
Clifton is the one on the left.
Gregory Shamus

Back in 2011, Jason put up a post with the same name as this one, except it was in honor of a different Eagle. That player was none other than Eagles great Eldra Buckley. He was the Eagles third string RB (2010-2011) who lacked natural NFL talent but ran hard whenever he got the chance. You may remember him from such plays as "The Eldra Buckley Wildcat Package" or "Put Eldra Buckley In On 4th and 1 and Have Him Run Hard But Ultimately Fall Short Of The First Down Marker". Or maybe you saw him in his interesting YouTube music videos. But even though Eldra may have been easy to forget as a player, no one could deny his unstoppable prowess as a bizarre tweeter, as evidenced in Jason's post.

Sadly, no Eagles player has been able to fill the void of "most bizarre tweeter" after the Eagles ended up cutting Buckley in 2011. That is... UNTIL NOW.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to your new champion of Eagles bizarre tweeting legacy... Clifton Geathers. In case you didn't know, Eagles DE Geathers was acquired from the Colts earlier this off-season in exchange for FB Stanley Havili. I followed him on Twitter after that trade as I try to follow all and any Eagles players. Shortly after following I noticed that this was no ordinary Twiter athlete account. It was something... special.

Here's a sample of Geathers best tweets:

A fast food review. Me? I actually like Wendy's more than BK, but Clifton has spoken.

Next, Geathers reveals that he's Bane from Batman.

Ah, the obligatory cheese steak initiation. But in Dallas? Well, OK... but oh no, not the BGs!

Emoticon use is on point.

I... I don't even know. But I love it.

And that's just a sampling. He also calls the Eagles fanbase "Green Nation" which I think is funny because I don't know of another Eagles player who refers to the fan base in that way. I've seen and heard things like Eagles nation, Eagles gang, Bird Gang, Bleeding Green Nation (OBVIOUSLY)... but I've never just seen simply "Green Nation". Fantastic.

Too many athletes on Twitter are just plain... boring. Their tweets lack creativity. That's certainly not the case with Clifton.

So do yourself a favor and follow @ClifGeathers. You won't regret it.

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