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LeSean McCoy misses Andy Reid, but excited for Chip Kelly era

Chris Graythen

LeSean McCoy was a guest of NFL Network today to talk about Chip Kelly, Andy Reid and the future of the Eagles offense.

He was asked what it has been like for the first time for any of the younger Eagles to start the offseason without Andy Reid.

"We all love coach Reid to death," he said. "I still to this day text him and talk to him. A lot of the players and guys on the staff love him. But I think it was time for a change and coach Chip was the right call. The guys are buying in and embracing him with open arms, so we're looking forward to a big season."

Reid will actually make his return to Philadelphia in week 3 of this season when the Chiefs visit Lincoln Financial Field. McCoy says while he looks forward to seeing his old coach, the team hasn't really had time to think about it.

"We really haven't thought about it, knowing we're going to playing him so early in the year. We have so much to worry about with the new coach and the new offense... We're just looking forward to having a good season. The last 3 years haven't been so good for us so we're trying to get back on track, myself last year I didn't play too well due to injury."

"But we'll be excited to see coach Reid. It means a lot to me and a lot of other players. We'll probably give each other a big hug, but when the game starts... I know how coach is, he's so focused... But we know it's always love and mutual respect between another."

With Chip Kelly now in charge, seemingly everything has changed at the NovaCare complex, but most notably the fact that the Eagles are now likely a run first team as opposed to Reid's pass first philosophy. McCoy says the demands this will put on the backs means that he'll need some help.

"We have tons of different sets with different backs. We run so much, there's so many different fast movements from motioning out to running routes. It's so open, trying to get guys in the open field, it's a great offense. When I said don't be surprised when other guys get carries, because in this offense you need other guys to be productive because there's so much running."

Of course, all we've really gotten about Chip Kelly's offense have been these little tidbits. We know what he did at Oregon, but then again he hired Pat Shurmur, a west coast offense guy to be his o-coordinator. He re-signed Michael Vick and brought in Dennis Dixon which would make you think he was looking for athletic QBs, but then he drafted Matt Barkley.

So the NFLN reporter begged LeSean to give the offense some kind of label to give us an idea of what it will be.

"It's going to be fast paced, a little bit of what you've seen at Oregon, but obviously we're going to have some different things to throw at you guys. Everybody is so curious about what we're doing, I don't want to be the guy who spoils it."

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