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LeSean McCoy ranks 45th on the NFL Top 100

Rob Carr

The NFL Top 100 is in its third year, and once again, the list has fans and the media shaking their heads. Eagles running back, LeSean McCoy, was a part of the countdown show tonight and he was ranked 45th overall on the list. While being ranked 45th out of 1,600 players is impressive, McCoy is arguably a Top 3 player at his position.

McCoy had nearly 1,000 total yards last season, despite missing four games. Coming off an All-Pro season, injuries and missed games made Shady drop nearly spots from last season's countdown. The team's lack of success also played a role. The failures of the team are also recognized in the fact that McCoy is the only member of the team that will be featured on the countdown.

Obviously, the whole "out of sight, out of mind" factor plays into the rankings with players, who put Darrelle Revis in the 60's and left Jason Peters (arguably the best offensive tackle in the league) off the list. Still, McCoy is ranked higher than talented players like Seattle's Richard Sherman, Carolina's Cam Newton and Minnesota's Jared Allen. So at least there is that.

Like most of you, these rankings have little impact on my happiness or opinion of the players in the NFL, as the voters clearly are not capable of concentrating on their fellow players on a consistent basis. However, I do find entertainment in the rankings and the fodder for debate. What do you think of Shady's rating?

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