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Dallas Cowboys 2013 draft board says the Eagles did well

According to the Cowboys 2013 draft board, the Eagles got good value out of their top 4 picks. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Joe Robbins

Once again, the Cowboys have posted pictures on their websites which reveal most of their board for the 2013 draft. Of course, the draft is now well over so I don't suppose it should still be much of a secret, but the fact is that this is something that teams usually guard closely so it's interesting to get a look at how an actual NFL team really thinks.

If you want to see the full board, check on the post on Blogging the Boys, but I had a few observations.

- I always say this, but guys ranked highly on mock drafts that slide on draft day are always called great "value" picks. Fact is, that's impossible to know without seeing where actual NFL teams had the guys ranked. Case in point, many thought the Giants pick of Damontre Moore in the 3rd round was a great value. Not according to the Cowboys, who had him as a late 3rd round pick.

- The Cowboys agreed with the Eagles in terms of value on their first 3 picks. They had Lane Johnson as a first rounder (as did everyone), Zach Ertz as a 2nd and Bennie Logan as a 3rd.

- They had Gavin Escobar, the TE they drafted, rated slightly ahead of Zach Ertz in the 2nd.

- Matt Barkley was a steal according to Dallas, who had him as a 2nd round pick and the 2nd best QB in the draft behind Ryan Nassib (who the Giants got with a 4th rounder as well). So one would think the Cowboys are relatively high on the futures of the young NFC East QBs.

- E.J. Manuel, who was a first round pick and the highest QB taken, was a 4th rounder according to the Cowboys board.

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