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David Akers gives the ok for Matt Barkley to wear #2

Jim McIsaac

Tim McManus gleaned an interesting tidbit from a recent Matt Barkley appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic. It was announced that he'll be wearing #2 next season because his college number, #7, is currently worn by Michael Vick.

Another option would have been his high school number, 5, but he felt that wouldn't be right.

"No. I think that was too soon after Donovan [McNabb]," said Barkley. "That would be a disrespectful to him and the quarterback play he had.

So he landed on #2, which a few Eagles fans noted was worn by another long time Eagles great, David Akers. But as turns out, the Eagles were sensitive to giving away his old number.

"I did want a single-digit number and 2 was really one of the only numbers that was available," Barkley explained. "The organization asked David Akers for permission, he complied and that was that."

Pretty cool of the organization to check in with Akers before giving away the #2 that he wore for over a decade here.

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