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Philadelphia Eagles have the largest coaching staff in the NFL

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN published a list this week detailing the size of every coaching staff in the NFL. As it turns out, the Eagles, along with the Seahawks, have the biggest staffs in the league.

Eagles -- 24
Seahawks -- 24
Buccaneers -- 23
Cardinals -- 22
Chiefs -- 22
Jaguars -- 22
Rams -- 22
Vikings -- 22
Broncos -- 21
Cowboys -- 21
Dolphins -- 21
Packers -- 21
Raiders -- 21
Ravens -- 21
Saints -- 21
49ers -- 20
Bears -- 20
Bills -- 20
Browns -- 20
Chargers -- 20
Colts -- 20
Giants -- 20
Jets -- 20
Texans -- 20
Titans -- 20
Lions -- 19
Bengals -- 18
Redskins -- 18
Falcons -- 17
Panthers -- 17
Patriots -- 17 (plus Schuplinski)
Steelers -- 15 .

There is a pretty obvious similarity among those top 3 teams as all are headed by former college coaches. Chip Kelly, Pete Carroll and Greg Schiano respectively. So it would certainly seem that it's a philosophical difference those guys have with the more veteran NFL coaches. The college guys are used to having bigger staffs (and bigger rosters) and clearly see the value in having more help.

It will be interesting to see if there's actually any correlation to winning here, but it certainly seems reasonable to me that if your owner is willing to let you hire whoever you want, stocking your building with coaches can't be a bad thing. You're increasing your chances of finding coaching gems while also just giving yourself more help. As long as you can effectively manage that staff, which the college guys already have done, it should only help.

For the Eagles, a big staff isn't particularly new. Andy Reid, despite being an NFL guy, usually maintained a relatively big staff and seems to be doing so in Kansas City.

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