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The Linc - Bryce Brown stressing ball security

Happy Memorial Day Eagles fans! Thanks to all the vets out there

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Running Backs as Blockers | The Sideline View
Blocking is one of the most complicated aspects of going from college to the pros for running backs. It's why most young running backs don't spend much time on the field on third down, instead standing on the sideline as veterans eat into their snaps. It's tough to watch, and it's even tougher for them to pick up their assigned defender when they are actually on the field.

Eagles' offensive line should improve under Jeff Stoutland | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Under Chip Kelly and new offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, the Eagles' offensive line is poised to improve from last year, when it allowed 48 sacks.

Bryce Brown Plans On Being Great
Ball security "has been probably my number one priority besides being in shape," Brown said. "And I think being in shape and being able to go longer will help me in that area. I can say last year I wasn't in the best shape that I could be. I'm in a lot better shape now. I think me being in the best shape that I can (be) will allow me to dig deep, fight harder and be able to hone in on the little things like keeping the ball (protected)."

Eagles special teams coordinator Fipp tackles reclamation project | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
The Eagles last year finished with one the NFL’s worst average starting field positions. Only five other teams routinely started their drives with poorer field position than the Eagles had. They also fielded the league’s fifth-worst kick-return average and second-worst punt coverage team. They made a compelling argument to preface the term “special” in "special teams" with “nothing.”

Eagles offseason report: Chip Kelly set up to succeed?
Anyone who thinks that what the Philadelphia Eagles will do on offense under Chip Kelly will be revolutionary for the NFL obviously hasn't been watching the league the past few years. The read-option and the hurry-up, quick-called scheme Kelly might employ have elements that have trickled into the league. In fact, Kelly helped usher them in by consulting with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick over the past few years. The point is, Kelly is as set up to succeed right away in the NFL as any coach coming from the college ranks.

Philadelphia Soul Owners Taking Arena Football League To China - Forbes
Will the Chinese buy American take out? Or, more precisely, American Football League take out? The Philadelphia Soul, whose co-owner is former Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback and current ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski, have purchased the Chinese rights for the Arena Football League from the league.

There Is a Randall Cunningham II | The700Level
Dave Miller for National Football Post is profiling some of the top prospects in college football for 2014, which is how we learned about Randall Cunningham II, or RC2 as the creative folks on the Baylor coaching staff call him. The four-time All-Pro’s offspring hasn’t committed to the Bears or anything yet though, as the offers are still rolling in from the likes of Syracuse, Mississippi St., and even LSU – this before he’s ever started a single high school game under center.

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