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Ifeanyi Momah learning to use his size from Harold Carmichael

The man who is likely the tallest WR in league history has taken the Eagles current tallest pass catcher under his wing.


In 6-7 Ifeanyi Momah, the Eagles have a freakishly tall developmental WR and it just so happens that they might also have the best coach in the world on staff to work with him.

Harold Carmichael made 4 pro bowls as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles while himself being a freakishly tall WR that came into the league as an obscure prospect. The 6-8 Carmichael was a 7th round pick out of Southern in the 1971 draft, Momah went undrafted out of Boston College.

Momah told Bob Grotz that the Eagles great has immediately taken the rookie under his wing.

"He's about a half-inch taller than me," Momah said. "The first day I got here I went in his office. He grabbed me, actually, and was telling me all the things in this league I could do with my height. And I'm trying to go out and use all that stuff and make sure that I use my height."

It sounds simple, "using your height," but it's actually a key point. The Eagles have had tall WRs before, but not all have really shown an understanding of how to use their height (I'm looking at you Hank Baskett).

"Instead of just being out there playing football, go out there and be big," said Momah. "That's the main thing that we have to work on. It's in all aspects. Get in between the defender using your body. Beat him down the field. Use your body to get position. Even in short routes, trying to post the guy up with kind of like a basketball aspect to it."

Momah still remains a long shot to make the roster, but it is notable and exciting to see that Carmichael has taken such an active interest in the kid.

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