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Philadelphia Eagles get league backing for stadium revitalization project

The Eagles received league support today for a stadium revitalization project. The team will reveal the details of this project at a later date.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL owners met today to discuss a range of issues including moving the date of the draft, awarding Super Bowls L & LI as well as several stadium issues for a number of teams.

The Super Bowls were awarded to San Francisco (L) & Houston (LI)... but it's the stadium issues that directly relate to the Eagles, who have a project in the works to "revitalize" Lincoln Financial Field.

"We are excited to have received league support today for our stadium revitalization project at Lincoln Financial Field," said Eagles President Don Smolenski. "We will share the details of this project with our fans in the coming weeks."

The details of the Eagles' plans for 10 year old Linc are not known. Although just taking a guess, it could be related to video screen upgrades or even the addition of some new seating.

The Eagles were not the only team to discuss their stadium today. The Atlanta Falcons received a $200 million loan from the NFL to build a new stadium. Taxpayers will pick up another $200 million with Falcons owner Arthur Blank footing the rest of the bill.

Miami was denied Super Bowl LI almost certainly because the local & state government is refusing to pay for any part of a stadium upgrade for the Dolphins. It's no coincidence that the 49ers will now host a Super Bowl in Santa Clara after they received public money to build a new stadium.

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