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Kurt Coleman on the Eagles new defense: "The offense doesn't know where we are coming from"

Is that Jimmy?
Is that Jimmy?

In the first few weeks of the Eagles offseason program, the team's offense has been the main topic of discussion. With players hitting the field without pads, the offensive playmakers are able to shine without the threat of a hit, but Eagles safety Kurt Coleman believes the the team's new defense could be the unit that turns heads on gameday.

Coleman spoke to reporters on Monday after practice, and said the defense will be a force to be reckoned with."I like this defense. The offense doesn't know where we are coming from," said Coleman with a certainty. "We're giving the same look and bringing different people every single time."

The fourth-year defensive back knows that he and the rest of the Andy Reid holdovers have a lot to prove to the new coaching staff. He says the unit needs to finish games and play to their talent level. "The whole defense, we did not play up to our potential (last year)," said the Ohio State alum. "We'd make plays then give up plays (later). We weren't always on the same page, so I am not going to make excuses."

A 2010 seventh-round pick, Coleman has started 29 of the 44 games he has played in since entering the league. While he has been able to put up a decent stat line over the last three seasons (207 tackles, 11 pass deflections, seven interceptions and two forced fumbles), his performance in games has drawn criticism from Eagles fans due to his inconsistencies. Coleman admits he needs to improve. "You gotta be able to run, you gotta tackle, you gotta make plays when (the ball) comes your way," said Coleman. "I believe that no matter what you're doing, you have to play football."

Still, Coleman knows 2013 will be a big indicator of his future in the league. He thinks Billy Davis's scheme will help him improve both his performance and his paycheck. "I gotta be able to work on every single part of my game and this (new defense) is going to get me paid, and get me some interceptions," said Coleman with a smile.

In order for Coleman's premonitions to come true, he will have make the team, which has a crowded safety unit. Either way, it sounds like he is coming into the competition with the right mindset.

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