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"Old man" Michael Vick beats LeSean McCoy in foot race


Colt Anderson touched off a bit of a frenzy amongst Eagles fans this morning when he tweeted out the results of what was apparently an impromptu race between Eagles QB Michael Vick and RB LeSean McCoy.

Why were these two racing at all? Mike Florio got on the case and apparently got some details.

McCoy had been riding Vick for weeks, calling him "old man" and challenging Vick to a footrace. Vick had been laughing it off, until today. Today, Vick had enough. So he asked coach Chip Kelly if he could accept McCoy's invitation. Kelly agreed.

So they lined up and took off, and Vick didn't just beat McCoy. Vick smoked McCoy by roughly five yards over a 40-yard distance, and their teammates went nuts.

Vick confirmed the story.

For his part, LeSean disputes the results.

However, Vick says there will be no rematch.

It certainly seems that the atmosphere is light down at the NovaCare complex, but it hasn't harmed the spirit of competition. Kudos to Vick for putting the young'un in his place.

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