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Mailbag: Kenny Phillips, Reid holdovers, Super Bowl talk, and more

Eagles Q&A. Send your questions to or @BrandonLeeSBN on Twitter!

Al Bello

Welcome to the BGN Mailbag!

First, thanks for all your questions. Be sure to keep sending them in! Remember, there's 2 ways to enter a question:

  1. Email your question(s) to: BGNmailbag (at)
  2. Follow me on Twitter (@BrandonLeeSBN) and tweet me your question. (Using the hashtag "#BGNmailbag" is helpful so I know to save it for the mailbag.)

To the Q&A...

Brandon Lee:

@nyunole - If Spencer Hawes became an Eagle, would you switch allegiances, stop watching football, attempt suicide, homicide, other?

A: Oh man this is such a great question. And by that I mean it's an evil question. Why would you do this to me, nole?

For those of you who don't know, Spencer Hawes plays for the Sixers. He's a goofy big guy who loves America and Seattle. That's about all the nice things I can say about him. He's probably my least favorite Philadelphia "athlete" that I've ever had to deal with. He's just so bad and frustrating and it's painful watching him on a team that I cover.

If I had to compare him to a former Eagle, it would be Jarrad Page. To be fair, Hawes is a little more useful than Page was in their respective sports, but the feeling you have watching them is the same. Frustration. Anger. Pain. Indulging in incompetence.

But to answer the question... I'd wait it out. Just like Eagles fans had to do with Page. I know they would make the right move and cut him eventually. Thank goodness for non-guaranteed contracts in the NFL.

@tungeric - "Hotel California" or "Take It To the Limit"??

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

A: First, I recognize your attempt to be clever. I asked for "Eagles questions" on Twitter, so naturally tungeric gave me a question about the band, The Eagles. Congrats, you rascal.

Hotel California, easy. How can you not dig Joe Walsh on guitar?

@Randyljobst - - What can we expect from Kenny Phillips this year?

A: Health is obviously the major question mark here. If KP is 100% healthy, I don't see a good reason why he can't be at least a top 10 safety in the league this year. Yes, that good.

He has to win a job first though. He needs to prove he's healthy and that he can still play at the high level he was playing at prior to his injury.

@bebinabraham - Are you taller than a the tallest sky scraper and if so when will Chip Kelly have you in for a visit?

A: The tallest sky scraper in the world is Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai. It's approximately 2,722 ft high. I'm only 6'9" so no, I am not taller.

Neither Chip nor Howie have reached out to me or my agent yet so I don't think they're interested. Yet.

@Imperator415 - Why can the Eagles win the Super Bowl this year and why can't they?

A: It all revolves around the QB position. The Eagles probably won't have good enough QB play to win a Super Bowl this year. Other considerations such as players adjusting to the new schemes and new coaches might factor into the struggles of Chip Kelly's first year here.

The Eagles can win a Super Bowl if Chip Kelly can either find a way to minimize the importance of the QB position (good luck) or get one of the QBs on the roster to play like a top 10(ish) QB (also good luck).


Dan Klausner:

@Bounce7 - Ertz, Casey, Celek. Which one is the best run blocker?

A: Travis Kelce. Fine, Celek.

[Ed. Note: Zach Ertz is going to be Dan's favorite player. He'll never doubt the Eagles not taking Kelce instead of him. I can just tell!]

@milroyigglesfan - - Every year the eagles seem to "neglect" a team area that fans see as plain as day. Which area do you believe is neglected?

A: Linebacker, interior OL.

@Southern_Philly - NFL does a Madden-like fantasy draft, but each team can hold on to 3 players. Who are you keeping?

A: Excluding the players just drafted a few weeks ago... Fletcher Cox is the first name that comes to mind. Let's go with LeSean McCoy, too. And for what might be considered a surprise pick: Brandon Graham. Expecting big things from him this season. HM: DeSean Jackson.

@cdjones34 - Are there any holdover players from the Reid era drafts who can make a year 2 (or 3) jump (like Curtis Marsh)? What is common jump for corners in years?

I'm still hopeful about Curtis Marsh -Dan Klausner

A: I'm still hopeful about Curtis Marsh. He had only played CB for two seasons at Utah State before being drafted and was acknowledged to be a project who'd take time to develop. I wanted to see him last season, especially when things were going to shit, and, well, now it's really put up or shut up in 2013. I'll always remember Marsh's 2010 performance against Boise State that proved to me he had legit NFL potential. As for players I think will make a year 2 jump: Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks. Year 4 guys: Brandon Graham and Riley Cooper.

@cquigs12 - What do you know about Benghazi?

A: Everything.


That's it for this mailbag.

Thanks for the questions!

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