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Donovan McNabb discusses retirement, hall of fame prospects and more

McNabb would "love" to see his jersey retired, but wouldn't be upset if it doesn't happen.

Nick Laham

Donovan McNabb was a guest of 97.5 The Fanatic today to discuss his announcement that he will retire as an Eagle, his legacy and hall of fame prospects.

McNabb first wanted to clear up the reports that his retirement set for the Thursday night game against the Chiefs. He said that it hasn't even been discussed when the ceremony will take place and that it's entirely speculation that will be on Andy Reid's return to Philadelphia.

Obviously that date does make sense for a lot of reasons... but for now it's only speculation.

"We haven't chosen the date yet," McNabb said. "The ceremony is something that we've been communicating back and forth. I want [the retirement ceremony] to be something that is special. Not only for me but for the fans. We're discussing some different things that we want to get done, that I would like to see get done. Everything right now is in the works, nothing is written in stone. It was just one step of acknowledging that I wanted to retire as a Philadelphia Eagle. As things continue to break down for the particular event I'll let everyone know exactly what is going on."

McNabb also said they haven't discussed retiring his number and that would be something totally up to Jeff Lurie.

"That's really not my call," McNabb said of retiring the #5. "I would love for that to happen but if they don't I won't be upset about it.""

Of course, McNabb's tenure in Philadelphia did not end as he or any of us had hoped. He was traded away to the division rival Redskins, which he admits was not something he was happy about.

"When I was traded to the Washington Redskins obviously there was some upsetness and some doubt," McNabb said. "I wanted to step away and kind of think about - reflect on - the great times in Philadelphia. What better a place to go back and retire and close the chapter of my NFL career than to be back in Philadelphia and do it in front of those great fans."

The man is only human, so obviously there had to be a little bitterness when he was traded. Brian Dawkins admitted to the same thing when the Eagles didn't match his offer from the Broncos. But credit to both guys for realizing business is business and this really is their football home.

As for the Hall of fame, McNabb said it would be an honor, but it's not really why he played the game.

"You don't play to say ‘I'm going to be a Hall of Famer, I'm gonna be this, I'm gonna be that.' You play the game to make your mark, to build your legacy and how you wanted to be remembered. Stepping away from the game I think I made a good mark."

Hear the full interview on the 97.5 The Fanatic website.

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