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Felix Jones excited about kick returns with Eagles


The Eagles brought in former Cowboys RB Felix Jones on a year deal last week largely to compete for a 3rd, maybe 2nd string job. As is the case for pretty much any backup RB in the NFL, Jones will need to contribute on special teams, which he says he looking forward to.

"I'm excited about kickoff returns," Jones said. "It's something I always did, something I always wanted to do. Whenever coach gives me an opportunity to go out there and do it, I'm ready to go."

Jones has 64 kick returns in his career averaging 24 yards per return with 1 TD but also 2 fumbles. As points out, the Eagles finished 26th last in year with an average return of 21 yards.

Jones says he knows he coming into a crowded backfield, but it's something he used to.

"I'm definitely competing for a spot to play. It's going to be fun to learn from those guys, to pick up what they've done to help them out. It's going to help me with my game as well. I always played with a couple backs anyway ever since college. It's always a thrill to have a couple good people in your position because they can push you."

He played alongside Darren McFadden in college and split time with the likes of Marion Barber and DeMarco Murray in the pros.

Jones is by no means a roster lock, but he does seem to have the skill set to fill a role in what Chip Kelly wants to do. Plus, the added element of kick return ability is just another path to a roster spot.

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