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Curtis Marsh: "I am just ready to compete."


Lost in the shuffle of the Eagles scheme changes, the new draft picks and the team's free agency haul, are the leftover "unknowns" of the late-Andy Reid Era. One of those aforementioned question marks is third-year cornerback, Curtis Marsh. The Utah State alum was picked during the now-infamous 2011 NFL Draft, and much like the rest of the Eagles draft class from that year, he has offered very little to be excited about.

With the hiring of Chip Kelly, the additions of Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher, and selection of Oregon State's Jordan Poyer in the 7th round, Marsh may face an uphill battle for playing time. However, according to Marsh, the new bodies are welcomed acquisitions. "I'm not worried about who they bring in or draft. I want to have the best players in the NFL, but at the same time I want to compete, and I want to be one of the best out there with the starters," said Marsh, during an interview with the local media on Wednesday.

While Marsh may not be discouraged by the new guys at cornerback, he has taken extra measures to impress the new coaching staff. "This whole offseason, I spent my time here, training here," said Marsh, who was converted from a running back into a cornerback midway through his college career. "(This offseason) I did everything I could to get better and prove to these coaches that I am the best, and get out in the NFL, because I believe I can be one of the best."

To Marsh, the offseason is his time to jump-start is career. Starting for Cary Williams while he is on his honeymoon, Marsh has made the most of this week's OTAs. At the end of the day though, Marsh knows his real impact will be determined by how he plays throughout the offseason workouts, training camp and the preseason. He is not getting ahead of himself and is excited about the battle for minutes that Kelly is set to conduct. As Marsh puts it, "I am just ready to compete."

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