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Jason Kelce: Chip Kelly is easier to talk to than Andy Reid

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Jason Kelce was one of the 4 starters on the Eagles offensive line to be lost for the season last year and his loss along with Jason Peters & Todd Herremans really helped doom the Eagles offense last season. While he hasn't yet been cleared to play, he's been running at camp, working out and appears to be on track for a recovery.

He joined Brian Baldinger & Harry Mayes on the 97.5 The Fanatic to talk about what he's seen from the first couple days of the Chip Kelly era.

Specifically he said that Chip Kelly is just an easier type of person to communicate with than Andy Reid was.

"With Andy it was more of... especially with me coming in later in his career after he'd built up such a reputation in Philly amongst the players in the locker room, it was kind of like there was an aura around him. You never wanted to be yourself around him. You always had to have this front up and you always had to be 'Yes sir & yes maam" always on your Ps and Qs. He was a hard man to talk to and be loose around. It was always an uptight conversation whenever I had with him. Whereas with Chip, he's much more, at this point at least, like one of the guys. He's still the head coach and you still have respect for him, but he converses with everyone, strikes up conversations and is much more of a loose guy to be around than Andy was."

The difference in personality has been obvious to pretty much anyone who has seen Kelly speak. He's just a generally more loose and comfortable kind of guy. But it's interesting that the players have noted such a difference.

It makes sense though. Reid was a larger than life figure, in many ways, with the Eagles. He'd had near total control of the team for over a decade and held every franchise coaching record so it's understandable that some players would be intimidated. He's also a very dry & conservative type guy overall. He came from under the wing of Mike Holmgren with the Packers... Hardly the most flashy organization.

Enter Chip Kelly, who is brand new to the NFL, ran a team who had flashy new uniforms every week, is not even married and is used to working with college kids. It's a 180 degree difference.

It remains to be seen whether Chip's personality is ultimately better for the team and of course whether he's still the same kind of guy in 5 years after he's won multiple Super Bowls and appeared in Old Spice ads with 3 time MVP Matt Barkley... Sorry, got a little carried away there.

Point is, Chip Kelly has brought an entirely new feeling to the NovaCare complex and so far people are buying into it.

"He's very young & energetic, the practices are upbeat and it feels like there's a genuine enthusiasm not only with the team but the coaches as well," said Kelce.

The 3rd year man says he's appreciated how open Kelly and the rest of the staff has been in explaining the reasoning behind the many changes they've made.

"There's a lot of new innovative things we're doing. Things that other teams haven't done, things I haven't done in my career. But the way they explain things it makes it easier to understand why you're doing it. They explain why hydrating is important, they explain why sleep is important, they explain why doing the lists we do is important. [Chip Kelly] never hides why we're going what we're doing."

While everything's new for the players, Kelce also touched a bit on what's going to be new for us fans. Specifically, will we ever even see a huddle again?

"No doubt we will use an offensive huddle, but I don't think that will be the primary tempo of our offense. I think we'll probably be more of a no huddle team."

Kelce said there's some instances where they'll need to use a huddle like when the defense needs a break or if they're in a 4 minute offense trying to ice a game at the end. But for the most part, it's going to be full speed at all times.

"I think the vast majority of the plays that the fanbase is going to see this year will be no huddle."

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