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The Linc - Chip Kelly's musical practices

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'Some science behind' Chip Kelly's musical practices | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
The practice featured more than 20 distinct periods, far more than Andy Reid ran. Players sprinted from one drill to another. In between active periods, there were slower sessions dedicated to instruction.

Nicki Minaj performs at Eagles practice
Van Halen, AC/DC, the Dropkick Murphys, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull and Shakira – you name it, it's on Kelly's in-practice iPod. The only time the music stops is during the "teaching" periods when a computerized voice that sounds a lot like like Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey announces the next period. That film was Stanley Kubrick's view of the future. This is the future of the NFL, Kelly style, in which most corrections are made in the classroom, not on the field.

Barkley "competent" in first open practice
Barkley looked competent in his first full squad practice. He’s doesn’t have as much zip on his throws as Vick and Foles – as expected – but most were on target. There was one play in which he completed a wobbler for about 15 yards, but it hit the receiver in between the numbers. The session ended after the play and Kelly, as he walked by Barkley, smiled and gave him a low “five.”

Philadelphia Eagles' 'red flag': Cornerback - ESPN
Football Outsiders is doing a series of posts called "Red Flags," which take a look at the biggest remaining issue facing each team with the draft behind us and minicamps getting underway. Today's post is on the NFC East teams , and I'm breaking it up into four smaller posts to examine the red flags team-by-team. This one looks at the Philadelphia Eagles, for whom Sean McCormick feels cornerback is the top remaining red flag.

Andy Reid sells off Eagles gear for charity in enormous garage sale | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Some pictures of the items at Andy Reid's yard sale.

Kirk Cousins does in-store signing, gets promoted as Kurt (Updated)
It’s easy to get overlooked when you’re backing up the glittery Robert Griffin III, but Kirk Cousins can reasonably expect to have his name spelled right when he does an in-store signing. The photo above comes via Cousins’s Twitter feed, and was taken during his appearance in February at Legends Sports & Games in Grand Rapids.

Retired NFL players and the cost of health care - Grantland
As conversations about the NFL season start, questions about athlete safety — and the care of former players — still linger

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