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DeSean Jackson: "This offense doesn't really have any limits."

Rob Carr

Surrounded by several reporters, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson made a statement. "This offense doesn't really have any limits," said Jackson, as he addressed dozens of microphones and recorders. The statement rings true to Oregon Ducks fans and those who have followed Chip Kelly's meteoric rise through the ranks of college football. Speculation has run wild since Kelly was hired by the Eagles, but even while the team is in the middle of its second batch of OTAs, questions still remain regarding his NFL offense.

Players met with the media on Monday and offered clues about the speed of Kelly's still-mysterious play-calling on offense. "The biggest adjustment is the pace we're on," said Michael Vick, who is competing for the starting quarterback job. "We're just trying to get the most out of every snap."

The players feel like the offense's speed will not only help them in practice, but in games as well. "We're going so fast, it's hard to change a call or make any adjustments, which is an advantage for us," said LeSean McCoy, who is coming off his lowest rushing total since his rookie year.

To go along with speed, the players have acknowledge the offense's ability to create mismatches through Kelly's imagination, when it comes to play-calling. "We're able to motion from side to side, go behind the quarterback, go in front of the quarterback, and things like that," said Jackson. "With Chip (Kelly), anything is possible," said Nick Foles, who is also competing for the starting quarterback position.

The team is adjusting to not only the timing of practice, but the added elements that come along with Kelly's innovative methods. The team has changed up the dieting and sleep patterns of the players, along with the atmosphere in practice. The coaching staff has added blaring music to give the practice field the noise of a real NFL game. The team is also conducting teaching sessions between practices, instead of allowing players to receive tips or adjustments from the coaching staff in the middle of drills,

With the new changes, come new challenges, but the team seems to really be embracing the new techniques. "I think at every level (Chip Kelly has) been at, he's been successful," said McCoy. "He was very successful at Oregon, and he's bringing that mentality, that same attitude here." For veterans, this is a new attitude, but one they hope will lead to more wins.

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