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Chip Kelly gets rid of Taco Tuesdays & Fast Food Fridays

Chip Kelly may not look like a man obsessed with nutrition... but he apparently is.


While we're all expecting Eagles players to be getting in better shape over the next few months, don't be surprised to see members of the media, front office and coaching staff slimming down a bit too thanks to Chip Kelly's changes.

"Chip Kelly has completely overhauled the nutritional aspect of this organization," said ESPN's Jeannine Edwards. "Everything in the cafeteria has been re-made, and everyone in the organization from upper management to the staffers to the players are commenting on it," Edwards said. "You go in the cafeteria and you see nothing but healthy food choices because Chip Kelly believes elite athletes need optimal nutrition."

Chip has even gotten rid of a few of Andy Reid's favorite days...

"Gone are things like Taco Tuesdays and Fast Food Fridays, which the players are not too happy about. Pizza, chicken wings, fried foods - and even red meat - are off the menu. [Kelly wants] nothing but organic hormone- and antibiotic-free lean meats."

Presumably, the Reid tradition of awarding cheesburgers after a win will also be gone...

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