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Chris Gocong hoping for a second shot


Chris Gocong first participated in Eagles rookie camp in 2006. Now at 29 years old, he's back. The veteran linebacker is in Philadelphia for a tryout this weekend after he released by the Cleveland Browns following an achillies injury last summer.

"It's just one of those things with a serious injury, teams want to see where you are," said Gocong. "I don't dwell on the past too much. I'm just seeing where I'm going from here."

While Gocong does have a connection to the old regime Eagles due to the fact that he was drafted by them, he's also connected to the new regime. He played the two best seasons of his career under Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis, who was the LB coach in Cleveland at the time. Gocong says he'd look forward to reuniting with Davis.

"He's so smart. He's such a great coach. I knew it was going to happen," Gocong said of Davis getting a defensive coordinator job. "I'm looking to get a chance to come here and play for him. We'll see how it works out."

In 2010, Gocong actually started at inside linebacker in the Browns 3-4. When they transitioned to more of a 4-3 front in 2011, he started at WILL. During his Eagles career, he mostly played at SAM.

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