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Eagles release draft picks' jersey numbers

Al Bello

There are somethings that fans hold sacred, whether they are trivial or improve their team. One of the more trivial items that oddly matter to a fanbase on jersey numbers. Some fans hope their favorites player wears their favorite number, others just hold certain numbers at certain positions as traditionally relevant. In a game that features 53 men on a roster, for the casual fans, it is a way of identifying the players on the team. For die-hard fans, it is part of the players' identity.

Today, the Eagles announced the full list of their draft picks' jersey numbers. Here are the numbers as follows:

  • Lane Johnson is 65 (wore 69 in college, number is worn by Evan Mathis)
  • Zach Ertz is 86 (wore same number at Stanford)
  • Bennie Logan is 96 (wore 93 and 18 in college, 93 is worn by Ronnie Cameron)
  • Matt Barkley is 2 (wore 7 in college, but Mike Vick currently owns the number)
  • Earl Wolff is 28 (wore 27 in college, Brandon Hughes current wears that number)
  • Joe Kruger is 73 (wore 99 in college, the number is retired for Jerome Brown, Matt Reynolds also wears 73)
  • Jordan Poyer is 33 (wore 14 in college, DBs are forced to wear 20-49 in the NFL)
  • David King is 78 (wore 90 in college, the number is currently worn by Antonio Dixon, Matt Kopa also wears 78)

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