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DeSean Jackson's punt return voted greatest NFL play of all time

Nick Laham

The NFL held their own field of 64 where they opened up the question of the greatest play of all time to an online. In typical online fashion, the poll heavily favored more recent events and in the end the winner was our very own DeSean Jackson for his "Miracle at the New Meadowlands" walkoff punt return against the Giants.

I still get chills watching that. And there's no doubt in my mind that it's one of the top 2 or 3 plays I've ever seen as an Eagles fan. Lito Sheppard's pick 6 to beat the Cowboys in TO's return is up there as well, but DeSean's punt return was epic.

Was it the greatest play of all time? I don't think so, but then again it's a completely subjective question. So why not? It will certainly be something I'll never forget and if all this NFL poll does is give us another excuse to re-live it... well then I'm very happy it won.

And no one should short change what a great play this was. It was in a big late season game against a divisional rival fighting for the playoffs. It capped off a massive comeback. There is this great tension beforehand as Matt Dodge is pacing back and forth obviously nervous out of his mind, Jackson trying to calm his own nerves by waving at himself... Then he fumbles the initial punt... Jason Avant nearly kills someone with a block. There's really nothing this play lacks. It was a stunning moment.

Jackson's return defeated Steve Young's 1988 winding touchdown run vs. the Minnesota Vikings by grabbing 57.8% of the vote. On the way to the finals, Jackson's play beat the following:

Michael Vick's OT touchdown run vs. Minnesota Vikings in 2002

Billy "White Shoes" Johnson's Hail Mary touchdown catch in 1983 vs. San Francisco 49ers

Barry Sanders' touchdown run vs. New England Patriots in 1994

‘The Catch' - Quarterback Joe Montana's touchdown pass to tight end Dwight Clark in 1982 vs. Dallas Cowboys (Far more stunning upset than the finals te be honest)

Troy Polamalu's flying tackle vs. Tennessee Titans in 2010

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