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2013 NFL draft: Mike Mayock ranks Eric Fisher over Luke Joeckel


Mike Mayock released his latest positional rankings and for the first time he's got Central Michigan's Eric Fisher ranked ahead of Texas A&M's Luke Joeckel as the top offensive tackle in the 2013 draft class.

"This is in now way an indictment of Luke Joeckel who I think will be an all pro 3 years from now," explained Mayock. "It's more an indication of my belief that there's a little more upside with Eric Fisher. He's longer, he's got better feet and he's a little bit more athletic."

"I went back and watched the Senior Bowl practices again and it confirmed my belief... At the end of the day they're both going to be all pros but I think Fisher's ceiling is a little bit higher."

Mayock said that this is a direction he's been heading for a few months now and that the tape helped his decision as long.

"The only little issue I had with Joeckel is that every tape I put on he got beat across his face 2 or 3 times every game. Against Florida, 3 times giving up a sack, against Alabama twice. Now they're quality opponents, but I just think Eric Fisher gives you the same downside but more upside."

While Mayock likes Fisher's upside, he said that the OT with the most upside in the entire draft is LT Lane Johnson. He believes that all 3 will go in the top 10.

When asked whether the rise of these OTs was mostly about their skill or the relative lack of other top end talent in the draft, Mayock said it was the former. He said all 3 are right now rated as good or better than Joe Thomas was coming out in 2007.

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