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Eagles Scouting Report: Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook


The Eagles had their "steals" in the 2013 NFL Draft, but they may also have robbed other teams of a potential player in undrafted free agency as well. Stony Brook running back, Miguel Maysonet, comes to the Eagles after notching nearly 2,000 yards rushing in his last year of school. Chip Kelly may have added a serious under-the-radar weapon to the mix in the back field.

Maysonet started his career with the now-defunct Hostra football program in 2009. After the team was ended by the school, he transferred to Stony Brook. During his time at Stony Brook, Maysonet dominated the small school competition. As a sophomore, he ran for 1,128 yards and 12 touchdowns. In 2011, he ran for 1,633 yards and 15 touchdowns. Not to be outdone (by himself), Maysonet left the best for his last year, with an astounding 1,964 yards and 21 touchdowns. He is more of a one-threat back with just 18 catches over 3 years at Stony Brook (clear sign that Andy Reid is gone).

Here is what had to say about Maysonet:


Sees snaps from single back, I formation, and pistol. Decisive upfield cuts to continue forward momentum. Sees front side lanes even if run calls for different gap. Determined runner, little wasted movement, makes a choice and sticks to it. Refuses to go down on first contact, takes some big hits because of it. Patient on zone read and sticks with mesh point. Always churning his legs, that's his best quality, never stops. Rarely anything fancy. Protects the football confidently and absorbs contact. Has enough long speed to sustain.


Runs a bit upright, arms flailing to keep balance on occasion. Rarely looks back side for cut back lanes. Eyes can be bigger than stomach in terms of hurdling tacklers in the open field. Does not possess break away speed. Lacks creative quickness to create when stopped behind the line of scrimmage.


Alfred Morris

Mike's Take: Maysonet is a firery but patient runner. He seems to play without regard for his body and will wreck linebackers and then jump over defensive backs. He definitely is missing long-end speed but has the quickness to avoid come-from-behind tacklers. Maysonet sets up his blockers very well for a violent runner and has the ability to break away from defenders. He is an okay pass blocker but did not need to do it often as Stony Brooks' only major offensive threat. Ideally, he is a number three back in the NFL. He is all runner, but not much of a pass catcher. For a smaller dude (5'9" and 209 lbs), he really can surge through a crowded line and will likely be used as a third-down back in the NFL. He has a shot to beat out Chris Polk in training camp but it may prove difficult with his lack of receiving ability.

Here are cut-ups of Maysonet against Villanova and his stunning performance against my Syracuse Orangemen (though Marrone would sign or draft him):

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