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Nick Foles: "I believe I fit" in Chip Kelly's offense

Alex Trautwig

It's been an interesting offseason for Nick Foles. After being drafted by Andy Reid and being named the starter for the remainder of the season late last year, it looked like he had a legit claim to the "QB of the future" mantle.

Then, Reid was fired and every article written about Foles was about how there was no way he could run Chip Kelly's offense because he's you know... a big slow oaf. Trade rumors were flying that maybe Reid was interested in bringing him to KC...

And this all happened before Foles had really ever talked to Chip Kelly or saw the slightest hint of what his offense would actually look like. So it somewhat stands to reason that Foles was described as "a little edgy" and that he "had a chip on his shoulder" as he met with reporters today and answered questions about his supposed inability to run Chip Kelly's offense.

"Whoever's the quarterback of your team, you build your offense around them,'' Foles said. "I feel like I can go in and run anything. I'm here to compete. Everybody's here to achieve the same goal and that's to win.''

Ironically, as Foles said this Geno Smith was literally in the building for a pre draft visit. Smith shares something with Eagles QBs Michael Vick & Dennis Dixon that Foles doesn't really have, the ability to run if needed. But the second year QB says his skill set should dictate the offense, not the other way around.

"There's different kinds of quarterbacks,'' he said. "You play to the strength of whoever your quarterback is."

Plus, as Foles points out, if the team didn't believe in him as a possible starter... why would he still be there?

"I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't [fit]," Foles said. "I think I'd be somewhere else. Yeah, I believe I fit here."

Foles argued that while he may not be a fast runner, he knows to play fast and he ran a fast, uptempo offense in college. As he points out, this is something Chip Kelly would already know.

"I've known Chip. I knew him in college. Played against him several times. He knows me well. He's studied me. So there was a relationship. It's not like I'm going into a situation where we don't even know who each other is."

Bottom line, Foles will get a chance to compete. The QB carousel in the league is likely done, so he's not getting traded. And if he's the best QB in camp in terms of running the offense, reading the defense and being accurate... I see no reason why he wouldn't win the job.

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