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NFL draft grades: Grading the Eagles 2013 class

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We all know that grading a draft class just a day after the actual draft is a relatively pointless exercise. We can guess, but we really have no idea which of these guys will turn out to be players and which will be busts. If history teaches us anything, there will be guys taken in the top 15 that won't be the league in 4 years and there will be guys taken in the late rounds or that went undrafted who become pro bowlers.

But the fact is, no one wants to wait the 3 it probably takes to really get a handle on the draft class... We want to know now and we've got opinions now!

So let's share them.

Vote in the poll to let us know how you think the Eagles did and then I'll use those votes to come up with a consensus BGN grade.

And of course, let's get a discussion going in the comments.

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