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Philadelphia Eagles sign 9 undrafted free agents

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

As soon as the NFL draft ends, before it ends actually, teams begin a mad dash to start scooping the undrafted free agents. Actually, in some cases these guys end up making more money than the late rate picks because bidding wars can pop up for certain guys.

Here's who has been reported as signing with the Eagles so far. This list could change so keep checking back.

Matt Tobin, OL, Iowa

Jake Knott, LB, Iowa State

Kyle Quinn, C, Arizona

Issac Remington, DL, Oregon

Russell Shepard, WR, LSU

Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook

Damion Square, DL, Alabama

Brad Wing, P, LSU

Matthew Tucker, RB, TCU

We'll have more on these guys during the week all the signings are confirmed by the team. However we can see there's on Oregon player in there, so we have to assume it's a guy Chip knows well. Perhaps the most notable name of all is LSU Brad Wing, who on talent alone was the best punter in the draft. However, the Australia has a host of the off the field issues that teams simply aren't going to be willing to deal with from a punter. If he can get it together though, he could actually end up as a real asset.

It's also interesting that there's 2 LSU players on the list, which means the Eagles have added 3 Tigers overall in this draft. That's the most of any college. Prior to the draft, you'd think the smart money would have been on Oregon, but clearly Chip doesn't play favorites.

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