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Chip Kelly says Matt Barkley is "an unbelievable competitor"


Chip Kelly was interviewed during the the 6th round of the draft by NFL Network's Albert Breer. Kelly answered all of the obvious questions regarding the stable of the team's quarterbacks and their roles heading into OTAs. However, the answer that really sticks out from the interview came when Breer asked about 4th round pick, USC QB Matt Barkley's fit with the offense. Kelly simply acknowledged that "ff (Barkley) gets you into the endzone, he fits." He then followed that up with saying "Matt Barkley gets you into the endzone."

Think about that for minute. We all know Kelly wants to score, but we still do not know how he plans to score. Obviously, there will be the flashy running plays and the droves of tight ends, but the quarterback position has been the most discussed since the Kelly hiring. Mike Vick and Dennis Dixon clearly fit the Oregon offense, and Nick Foles and Barkley are seemingly the oddballs, but now it really does seems (from Chip's comments) that there is no defined prototype for Kelly's NFL QB.

Kelly also said in the interview with Breer, that Barkley is an "unbelievable competitor" and that "everyone" will compete for the starting job. Kelly spoke to Foles shortly after drafting Barkley and said that Foles understands the pick and wants what is best for the team. With seemingly even ground at the position, it makes you wonder how long the competition will take place. The Eagles could trade Foles during training camp if a contender suffers an injury to their starting QB or they could cut Vick before the season and only pay $500,000 more than they would have if they cut him in February.

Only time will tell, but the drafting of Barkley certainly makes the QB competition that much more intriguing. Will Foles start with Barkley as his backup? Will the opposite happen? Will Vick start with Foles and Barkley as his backup? The competition begins in a few weeks at OTAs.

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