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2013 NFL Draft Rumors: Geno Smith to Eagles unlikely in the 2nd round?


Geno Smith may still be on the board, but according to Jeff McLane of, it is not likely that he joins the Eagles. McLane said in his article this morning on Birds' Eye View that he does not "think the Eagles will pull the trigger on Smith." His logic is that "if they really wanted him they could have traded into the back end of the first round." He also added that he was "not feeling the Smith vibe down at the NovaCare Complex."

At 35, there is still plenty of starting talent available, with some possibly having 1st round grades from NFL scouts. Also keep in mind that the Jaguars could target a quarterback at 33, or more likely, trade with a team that thinks the Eagles are interested and wants to jump them. The teams that may want to jump the Eagles for Smith's services, could be the Cardinals, Jets and Raiders. A darkhorse could be the Buccaneers, who do not seem sold on Josh Freeman. Another option for the Jags could be the Browns, who are missing a 2nd round pick but have a high 3rd rounder and a valuable pass rusher, Jabaal Sheard, on the trade block.

Smith initially planned to skip Day 2 at Radio City Music Hall but has since decided to comeback for the 2nd round. He likely got some better advice than what he was given last night. He has concerns about his ability to handle adversity and pressure, so skipping out on a high profile event in primetime may not be the best message to send to teams. Another reason for Smith's change of heart could be that he got a promise that he would not fall past a certain spot.

Could the Eagles be the promise-makers? Will Smith go at 33? Will he slide even more? Will he be given a number 2 jersey when he walks on stage? Tune into ESPN or NFL Network at 6:30 p.m. to find out. Also, remember we will have round-by-round coverage all draft weekend on Bleeding Green Nation.

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