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Philadelphia Eagles draft pick Lane Johnson believes he's ready to start right now

The Eagles will be looking for an immediate impact from their top pick and Lane Johnson says he's ready to provide it.


Philadelphia Eagles first round pick Lane Johnson did a whopping 17 interviews in the hour or so following his selection at #4 overall in the 2013 NFL draft. He did play at a major college program, so he's not a stranger to the spotlight, but that gauntlet is certainly something he'll have never seen before.

He was asked several times about how he'd fit in Chip Kelly's offense, but like pretty much all of us, he doesn't exactly know what it will be.

"They like athletic guys that can move," said Johnson. "I don't know what type of offense they'll be running, but I know at Oregon they ran a very fast paced offense that was similar to what we did at Oklahoma."

Johnson is right about the offense at Oklahoma. They ran 77 plays per game compared to Oregon's 81.

With All Pro Jason Peters back healthy and likely locked in at LT, Johnson will need to switch over to the right for at least his rookie year. He has played both sides in college and says he doesn't have a specific preference.

"I really don't care. I try to be as balanced as possible. Whatever coach Kelly and them need, I want to do."

Johnson actually arrived at Oklahoma as a quarterback, but the Sooners moved him around early in his career in an attempt to find the spot that best hit his overall athleticism. He went from QB to TE to OT. He says the transition from QB was the toughest.

"The toughest was from QB to TE. From being such a glorified position to being a tight end where your hand's in the dirt and there's a lot of physicality. That was probably the toughest transition. "

"Going to tackle my first year was a lot of learning and it felt kind of weird after being a skill position player all my life. But going to my senior year I knew I had the talent and things went well for me."

Johnson, who is know for his nasty attitude on the field, says he thinks he'll fit well in Philadelphia.

"I'm kind of an aggressive player on the field but off the field I'm a down to earth guy. I'm not arrogant at all and I know Philly is a blue collar town that works it's tail off and loves it's football."

And is he ready to start now?

"Yeah, I think I am."

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