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2013 NFL draft rumors: Chiefs will select Eric Fisher #1 overall

Catch up on all the latest rumors in our 2013 NFL draft rumor roundup stream.


Charean Williams of the Ft Worth Star-Telegram is reporting that the Chiefs have told Texas A&M's Luke Joeckel that they will select OT Eric Fisher with the #1 overall pick.

Obviously with all things heard today, you can take this with a grain of salt, but considering that it appears to coming from the Joeckel camp it could have a little more veracity.

Andy Reid admitted on NFL Network today that the team has made it's decision on who to draft at #1, but he was mum on who that was.

Joeckel has been assumed to be the #1 overall pick more or less since the start of this process, but Fisher has nipped at his heels the entire way. The Central Michigan product's performances at the Combine and Senior Bowl just may have been enough to push over the top on Andy Reid's board. It would be a mild surprise, but really these guys have been 1 and 1A throughout this process.

How does this change things for the Eagles? Not much. It obviously puts Joeckel in play, but most teams appear to see him on the same level as Fisher so it doesn't mean the desire to trade up for an OT will get much more fervent than it is. It could mean that Joeckel falls to the Eagles at #4, but he's a guy they've done their homework on, he's visited Philadelphia and they'd be plenty prepared to make a decision.

Joeckel says he believes he could fit well in Chip Kelly's high tempo offense.

"I think I'd fit in well with that offense," said Joeckel. "I'm in good enough shape to play that offense. You can see it on the tape in this last year. It'd be a fun offense to play for."

Joeckel has been a left tackle over his career at Texas A&M, but said he would open to moving to the right if he went to the Eagles, who have a Pro Bowler in Jason Peters already in place.

"Yeah, I'm the guy that's just going to step in. I want to play, I want to help my team. I want to win," he said. "I think of myself as a left tackle, I want to play left tackle in the future. But to get me on the field at right tackle, if you need me there, I'll go."

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