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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft live blog: Rumors, trades and more

Dan Klaunser and Mike Kaye will be your hosts as we guide you through the first round of the 2013 NFL draft

Chris Chambers

9:19 p.m.

Dan: Rams pay a hefty price to trade up to 8 and select my top player in the draft, Tavon Austin. Sam Bradford must be doing cartwheels right now. Obviously, I love the pick and approve. If you target a guy and want him, you go get him. Austin is a unique offensive weapon who's going to electrify the league every time he touches the ball and makes the NFC West that much tougher. I have no doubt the Jets wanted Austin, and that the Rams knew it and traded up for that reason. With Austin off the board, the Jets took Dee Milliner at 9 to replace Darrelle Revis. I've long been of the opinion that he's overrated as a top pick and maxes out as a #2 CB... but my FEARLESS PREDICTION of him not being the first CB selected is now wrong. Egg on my face.

9:00 p.m.

Mike: Barkevious Mingo is a Brown at pick 6. The LSU player is just a baller. He's the fastest guy I have ever seen off the line of scrimmage...ever. I am very impressed by the balls on Joe Banner, but I am not sure this is the best move for the franchise. Paul Kruger just got mad money and Jabaal Shread is a monster. Rumors are Shread is on the block so this could be the prerequisite to a trade. Arizona was smart and took Jon Cooper from UNC, who is the best pulling guard in college football. Guards are important and Bruce Arians obvious liked Cooper enough for 7. People complain about the awesome players at the top, but there is some serious talent in this draft. Will be interesting to see who and when the first QB goes.

8:54 p.m.

Mike: Ziggy Ansah is loved by Jim Washburn. He's a good fit for the Wide 9 as he proved at the Senior Bowl. He is basically the only defensive end on the team with Kyle Vanden Bosch, Lawrence Jackson and Cliff Avril, either on the street or in a new city. Ansah will probably be joined by another defensive end in the middle rounds. Mike Mayock went as far as to say he would be an All-Pro or on the street within the next three years. This kid has monster potential but does not know what a 3-point stance is.

8:48 p.m.

Dan: Lane Johnson it is. I was hoping to trade this pick, and no doubt the Eagles had suitors, but Lane perfectly fits with Chip Kelly's up-tempo offense. Mike Mayock said he had the freakiest Combine of any OT he'd ever seen, and, really, when you think about it, who better to start the Chip Kelly era than easily the most freakishly athletic OT in the draft? Love Lane's movement skills and nasty demeanor, still has room to develop both physically and as a player. Highest ceiling of all the OT, but he's going to require more work. That said, given how much he's improved already and the infrastructure the Eagles have in place to facilitate his development, I'm excited. Roseman called this a "meat and potatoes" draft, and he wasn't blowing smoke. Welcome to Philly, Lane.

8:36 p.m.

Mike: I live in South Florida and have a source in the Dolphins organization. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was hinting at this trade all afternoon. My source told me it would be for Lane Johnson, but he obviously did that because I am an Eagles writer. The sense from them was that Jordan was the Eagles pick. In regards to the pick, Jordan is an interesting fit for Miami. He will play SAM in their 4-3 and will likely rush on third downs. He has been compared to Dolphins great, Jason Taylor, who is beloved in Miami. Clearly, the Fins are going faster on defense.

8:26 p.m.

Mike: It is simple. You either go need or you go BPA. The Jaguars just went BPA. Eugene Monroe is going into the last year of his rookie deal and may want massive money. I would not be surprised if Monroe will be traded tonight for a few picks. He ranked as a Top 10 OT last year. Joeckel is the most technically sound tackle in this draft and while he is awesome, his ceiling is nowhere as high as Fisher's or Lane Johnson's. The Gus Bus made the right call over reaching for a kid like Barkevious Mingo or Ziggy Ansah.

8:16 p.m.

Dan: Fisher has been my guy since first laying eyes on him in December. I knew immediately, was just a matter of waiting for everyone else to catch up. A "six-play player"... he's going to be a franchise cornerstone LT in this league for a decade. @RumfordJohnny compared Fisher to a more athletic Jon Runyan on Twitter today, and I love it. Now, did I think he'd be the #1 overall pick? No. But hey, if ever there was a draft where this would happen, and where a MAC player would go #1 overall for the first time, 2013 is it. It fits with the whole theme of unpredictability. Andy Reid has just selected his new Donovan McNabb, the guy to be that rock who stabilizes his head coaching tenure. Great pick by the Chiefs, I approve.

8:00 p.m.

Dan: T minus zero. Let's fuck, America.

7:48 p.m.

Mike: If you are among the "We don't want a QB in this draft" party, you are rooting for a potential trade between the Bills and Rams. Apparently, they are discussing a deal, so that the Rams can go ahead of the gets and take West Virginia's Tavon Austin. The Jets were rumored to want Austin and if he is off the board, they may take a pass rusher at 9. At 13 though, they could choose to trade back a few spots and take EJ Manuel or Geno Smith. Both have a been RUMORED to have the interest of Rex Ryan and Co.

Also, as I have mentioned in the comments, if you want to trade down and get a bounty, you better pray one of the three offensive tackles is still around at 4. If the Jaguars choose an OT at 2, that would likely give the Raiders all the leverage they need to make a monster trade down deal. If the Jags pass on an OT, then there will be two OTs remaining and at least one guaranteed to be there at 4, giving the Eagles the momentum for a deal.

7:24 p.m.

Mike: We are just over a half-hour away from this thing. Be sure to refresh a few minutes after every move for analysis from us. Brandon will be on Twitter if you want spoilers. Also, if you are new to watching the draft, I recommend not watching Eagles Draft Live during the Eagles pick, as they tend to spoil it a few minutes before the selection is announced. If you have any questions for Dan or myself, feel free to email us. It is almost here...finally!!!


The day we've been waiting for since what feels like last November is finally here. The 2013 NFL draft is set to begin and this is going to be our open thread to talk about it. Things will be a bit different this year, so here's how it will work.

You can use this post like always as an open thread to chat about the draft. As we have done in previous years, the first round will be spoiler free. So that means if you find out the next pick on twitter, don't post it in the thread... However, this year with our new commenting system we have a spoiler tag in the formatting options. So you could use that, which give those that don't care about spoilers to get news. Also remember that we have collapsable comments now, so if you see a spoiler tagged post, just click the ^ symbol on the top left and it will collapse all replies so you won't see them.

As an added bonus this year, Dan & Mike will trade off with analysis of each pick and/or trade. They'll be updating this post, so you can refresh to see their analysis.

When the Eagles make their pick, I'll do a separate post or posts on that and I'll let you all know in here when that goes up.

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