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The Linc - Draft day has arrived!

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Films Blog » Greg Cosell: 2013 Draft Q&A – Part 2 «
Geno Smith is an intriguing player to watch on tape because he clearly has a NFL arm. He clearly has very good feet and, on the surface, he has what you look for in an NFL QB and what you believe could be an elite NFL QB.

Eagles' Chip Kelly likely to follow Andy Reid's path with first pick
If Andy Reid were still the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, there is no question what the team would do with the fourth pick of the NFL draft on Thursday night.

Eagles' defensive woes a result of epic draft failures | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
It’s no coincidence the Eagles had one of the NFL’s worst defenses last year. It didn’t just happen out of the blue. It was the product of bad drafting. Not just a year or two. Not just a few years. We’re looking at a decade of terrible draft picks on the defensive side of the ball.

NFL Hot Button Topic of the week - NFL - ESPN
Is Geno Smith right for the Eagles?

Luke Joeckel: I'd fit into Philadelphia Eagles' offense -
It's doubtful Luke Joeckel is going to be holding up a Philadelphia Eagles jersey on Thursday night, but the left tackle feels he'd fit in well with Chip Kelly's new offense.

Matt Taibbi Decodes the NFL Draft - Part III | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone
I woke up this Monday morning feeling almost like a little kid at Christmas ndash; this is NFL Draft week, which means I get to do my annual NFL Draft

Bill Barnwell on the inconsistency of the NFL draft - Grantland

Do NFL teams actually have any idea what they're doing at the draft?

The original dual-threat: Before RGIII, there was Reggie Collier, college football's first great run-pass QB -

Before RGIII, there was Reggie Collier, college football's original dual-threat quarterback, who went almost entirely overlooked by the NFL 30 years ago.

Percentages don't favor Cowboys - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas
The Cowboys, they're not so good at this drafting thing.

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