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2013 NFL Draft Fearless Predictions

Two of your fearless writers here at Bleeding Green Nation are fearlessly predicting 16 things each that will happen during what promises to be a totally crazy three-day NFL draft.

Al Bello

Two of your fearless underling leaders writers here at Bleeding Green Nation are fearlessly predicting 16 things each that will happen during what promises to be a totally crazy three-day NFL draft, in which all fans will be anxiously --fearfully -- holding their breath when it comes time for their team to pick. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. When it comes to fear, less is more.


1. At least two teams will give up a 2014 first round pick in order to trade up into the Top 12 picks of the draft.

2. At minimum, five defensive tackles will be selected in the first round and at minimum, five cornerbacks in the second round.

3. Both the Raiders and Jaguars will stay put with their first round picks, but not by choice.

4. The Miami Dolphins will trade up for a cornerback, not an offensive tackle, if they do move forward.

5. Geno Smith will not be selected before the 20th pick.

6. The Vikings will trade one of their two picks.

7. Wide Receiver will be the most selected position in the first two days of the draft.

8. FIU will have as many first round picks in 2013 as LSU.

9. At least three veteran starting players will traded in the first two days of the draft.

10. We will still have no clue what Chip Kelly plans to do on offense or defense following the first two days of the draft.

11. The Eagles will not select a QB until Day 3.

12. Despite the measures taken to not spoil picks, ESPN and NFL Network will both produce counter-productive to their "no spoilers" policies.

13. There will be more 24-year old players taken in the first round then 21-year old players.

14. At least 3 teams will trade into the 1st round from the 2nd round.

15. Elway to Marino will be referenced at least 35 times during ESPN's coverage of the draft, while Cleveland 96 will be referenced at least 25 times on NFL Network's draft coverage.

16. Thomas Dimitrioff will make another massive trade up for the Falcons, but it will be for a player that no one sees coming.


1. The first two picks of the draft will be OT, but not in the order that most people are predicting. Instead, Eric Fisher will be selected first overall by the Chiefs, and Luke Joeckel will be selected second overall by the Jaguars.

2. The Eagles will trade back at least once in the first round, with the intention of drafting Star Lotulelei somewhere between picks 7-12. They will then trade up into the second half of the first round to select E.J. Manuel if he's still available between picks 20-32. But how will the Eagles trade back into the later part of the first round? Jeremy Maclin will be part of a deal to the Colts for their 24th overall pick.

3. Over half the teams in the first round will not pick at their originally designated slots. The San Diego Chargers will get things started by trading up into the top-5 to ensure getting one of the consensus top-three OT.

4. One of the teams selecting in the 22-32 range will trade up into the top-10.

5. Three quarterbacks will be selected in the first round.

6. The position with the most number of prospects selected in the first round will be DT, with six (gotta one-up you here, Mike): Sharrif Floyd, Star Lotulelei, Sheldon Richardson, Johnathan Hankins, Sylvester Williams, Jesse Williams. In that order.

7. The New York Jets, if they stay at picks 9 and 13, will select Tavon Austin and Geno Smith, respectively. They'll take Tavon Austin at 9 no matter what... if he's still there.

8. On the heels of his personal workout and absolutely remarkable rehab from an ACL tear, Cornellius "Tank" Carradine will be a top-15 pick.

9. Dee Milliner will NOT be the first CB drafted. He might not even be the second. Mel Kiper, crestfallen that his draft crush is falling like a rock and in the throes of a fit of disbelief, starts gesticulating so crazily that he accidentally slaps Jon Gruden across the face.

10. Bill Polian will say, at least once, that if he were in charge, he would take Landry Jones in the first round over all the other QBs. Because "he's a winner"... that one time Polian saw him beat Ryan Tannehill head-to-head in 2011. Landry Jones sucks.

11. Both Chance Warmack and Jonathan Cooper will be taken within three picks of one another. Where? I don't know.

12. Justin Hunter, who has the highest ceiling of any WR in this draft, will be selected before teammate Cordarrelle Patterson, who will fall out of the first round altogether due to concerns about his maturity as both a player and person.

13. Jonathan Cyprien will be selected before Kenny Vaccaro as the first S off the board.

14. Arthur Brown will be selected before Manti Te'o and Alec Ogletree as the first ILB off the board.

15. The Eagles will find a way to draft Travis Kelce, who, in addition to the feel-good story of reuniting him with Jason Kelce, is the best fit for Chip Kelly's offense of all the TE in this draft.

16. Viewing him as a fascinating developmental prospect with freakish, truly rare physical characteristics and high upside who fits with their desire to transition to a hybrid, interchangeable front 7, the Eagles WILL select my man Tristan Okpalaugo (OLB, Fresno State) on Day 3.

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