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It's the annual BGN draft prediction game!

This man is not allowed to enter!
This man is not allowed to enter!

Back by popular demand is our annual BGN draft prediction game. I'm not totally sure of what the prize will be yet, but I promise I'll come up with something good.

The general idea is pretty simple. The Eagles have 9 picks in the upcoming draft, so you can give us 9 names you think they will pick. The person(s) with the most correct names is the winner.

The strategy is entirely up to you. If you want to load up on possible names early in the draft and try to win by getting 2 right, that's fine. If you want to basically do a mock draft of all 9 picks and try to hit on names later... again that's fine.

If you think there will be a trade down, then pick your names accordingly. For that reason, we really shouldn't be commenting on everyone else's picks. You can include your reasoning if you like, but let's generally try to keep this thread as clean as we can so I can find the winner after the draft ends Saturday.

You must enter in the comments of this post. Comments will close when the draft begins.

Good luck!

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