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NFL Draft Rumors: Eagles interested in moving up in the draft?

Catch up on all the latest rumors in our 2013 NFL draft rumor roundup stream.


Well, just when you thought you have heard it all, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio opened up even more possible scenarios in one sentence. Late last night, Florio posted an article that mentioned that his sources have told him that the Eagles are not just looking to trade down, but also are entertaining the idea of trading up.

With the 4th overall pick, the Eagles only options would be the Chiefs at 1, the Jaguars at 2, and the Raiders at 3. If the Eagles were to trade up, the most likely target would be an offensive tackle, given the possibility of other trade-ups ahead of Philadelphia and rumors that two of the three teams in front of the Howie and Co. could draft offensive tackles, themselves. The value to jump a few a spots would likely be an easy move (4th round pick) and the Raiders and Jaguars are hurting so badly for picks, that they may be easy to leverage.

A move up is a new concept in this draft for Eagles fans, who have mostly concentrated on adding picks in a trade down scenario, as oppose to giving picks away to move up. Howie Roseman's office has seemingly leaked every possible option to the media over the past 24 hours, but at some point one of these rumors will be more true than false. It is most likely that fans will hope that this latest rumor is not true.

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