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Pound the Table: BGN Editors Edition

NFL Draft Week is finally here and BGN is bringing the goods this week.

NFL Draft Week is finally here!!! Bleeding Green Nation will be full-on draft coverage (for the most part) this week and will feature plenty of content to get you ready for the league's annual selection event. To kick off the week, the BGN staff has compiled a collective Pound the Table segment for your amusement. This is just one of the many great, original pieces we will have leading up to the draft, so stay tuned. Here is what the five BGN writers had to say about "their guys" and who they think the "Eagles' guy" will be:


The Eagles should take: Any of the 3 OTs

This may seem like a bit of a copout because I'm including 3 players in my "the Eagles should take this guy" argument... but I say this because I really think all 3 are great prospects and there isn't a huge amount of difference. All 3 could serve as an anchor on the line for years to come, which something this team needs whether Peters is 100% healthy or not. There's a serious lack of really good young players up front on this team.

The Eagles will take: Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson (in that order)


The Eagles should take: Dion Jordan

As the Eagles start to rebuild their team, the area that needs the most work and attention is the defense. Yes, the offensive line has some question marks, but there is talent on the offense- that is just not the case on the defense. More than anything else on the team, the Eagles need true playmakers on the defense. With the switch to the 3-4, it's hard to find any player they have now that you can count as a true playmaker. Fletcher Cox? Maybe. Brandon Graham? Possibly. Dion Jordan might not have put up numbers that jump off the page while at Oregon, but he can be a true difference maker if he reaches his potential. At the end of the day, Dion Jordan at full potential helps this team more than a Eric Fisher would at full potential. The Eagles are in a position right now where they can take a gamble on the future. The versatile Jordan is the best bet.

The Eagles will take: Eric Fisher


The Eagles should take: Eric Fisher

I've been driving the Eric Fisher bandwagon since December. I fell in love within, oh, five plays of watching him. Larry Zierlein, a former NFL OL coach, described Fisher as a "'six-play' player -- a prospect who you can tell will deliver the goods on a consistent basis as a professional after watching just six plays." Five plays, six plays, whatever, same idea. Everything about Fisher's game is so smooth, comfortable and under control; agility, balance and power combined with technique. He moves exceptionally well, plays with a mean streak and, in my opinion, boasts higher upside than Luke Joeckel and is a more ideal fit for Chip Kelly's offense due to his better run blocking. I understand the "level of competition" knock, but he played very well against Michigan State and Iowa, and I felt he satisfactorily allayed any remaining concerns at the Senior Bowl. All the physical, athletic and mental tools to be a franchise cornerstone LT are present, and for an Eagles team whose two starting offensive tackles are 31 (Peters) and 30 (Herremans) years old and coming off injury, Fisher makes a ton of sense.

The Eagles will take: Dion Jordan (because I'm starting to get the feeling Eric Fisher will be off the board). If both Eric Fisher AND Dion Jordan are gone by 4 and the Eagles can't trade back, I think they'll select Star Lotulelei.


The Eagles should take: Eric Fisher

The Eagles have a ton of holes on defense. Luckily, this draft has depth when it comes to 5-techniques, nose tackles, cornerbacks and safeties. I have said a few times that the Eagles need to "Tim Duncan" this draft pick. This means they have to take advantage of a significantly off-year and take advantage of their hopefully short-lived fall from grace. Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel are, in my opinion, the only GREAT prospects other than Jon Cooper and Chance Warmack, who are both guards, and Sharrif Floyd who is not likely a scheme fit. The Eagles offensive line will only have one starter under 30 after 2014 (Jason Kelce) and that is a problem.With Jason Peters contract and age, it is only a matter of time before the team needs a replacement.

The Eagles will take: Dion Jordan


The Eagles should take: Dion Jordan.

Dion Jordan makes the most sense for the Eagles at 4. He has the size and length that Kelly likes. Jordan's versatility as a player who can both function in coverage and rush the passer allows the Eagles to be flexible in their defensive plans. He might not be a polished product, but there's no denying he has upside. His familiarity with Chip at Oregon is a bonus. The Eagles have an inside edge on who he is and what he can become which makes me feel comfortable if they choose to draft him.

The Eagles will take: Dion Jordan

Well, there you have it. Put your "should" and "will" in the comment section and let us know what you want to happen as well as what you believe is inevitable at pick number 4.

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