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Todd McShay: I could see all 3 OTs gone by 5

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The consensus is and really has been since the start of the process that there are 3 top OTs in this class and all are relatively close to one another in terms of talent: Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher & Lane Johnson.

Luke Joeckel's name has most often been first on lists ranking the 3 and ESPN's Todd McShay says that's because he's got the highest floor.

"I think with Joeckel, the floor is extremely high. I think I compare him to Joe Staley to a certain degree. I can't imagine him coming in and being a bust, because, when I study him on tape, I see a player that has the 39 games starting, three straight years. He's durable, great football character. He's a technician. He can run‑block. He may not be the most dominant guy at the point of attack, but he's strong enough ..."

He says that Joeckel isn't quite as athletic as Eric Fisher, but he is a bit more technically sound and has much more tape against top competition. Still, McShay doesn't see it as a stretch that the Chiefs could take the Central Michigan product at #1.

"Now as I mentioned with Fisher, you can see the comparisons, very similar size, slightly better athlete, as I said. Worked out better for whatever you put into that. Obviously, you can see a little bit on tape. And at the workout, you saw he has better natural athleticism. If Kansas City decides to take Fisher over Joeckel, it's not a huge stretch. I've got Joeckel as the No. 1 player in the class with a 97 grade out of 100. I've got Eric Fisher 96 as the number two rated player in the class. So there is not a big difference to me."

However, McShay says that if Joeckel & Fisher have the highest floors, it's Oklahoma's Lane Johnson that has the highest ceiling.

"I think with Joeckel, the floor is the highest. I think with Lane Johnson, the ceiling is the highest. This guy is an unbelievable athlete. If he develops into the player that he's trending towards, Johnson's got a chance to be the best of the group. He's got a chance to be one of the top tackles in the NFL. It's a risk. You've only seen him at left tackle for one year, another year at right tackle. It's well‑documented. He was a quarterback at Kilgore College, and tight end and defensive end. So there is inexperience and question marks with him."

He said that in the end, he "could easily see Joeckel, Fisher, and Johnson gone by Detroit at No. 5."

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