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Trent Cole played with a broken bone last year

Trent Cole told reporters yesterday that he played last season with a broken bone and snapped tendons.


The Eagles weren't very good in 2011, but despite that Trent Cole had a great season collecting 11 sacks. In 2012, the Eagles also weren't very good, but Trent Cole was no longer an exception. He had the lowest sack total of his career with just 3, despite the fact that he started every game.

The question all Eagles fans have been asking is why? Did this guy who had collected 68 sacks over his first 7 years in the league just lose it all of a sudden? He's only just turned 30, so while he's no spring chicken he's hardly on the verge of retirement either.

One answer may have came back in February when it was reported that Cole had surgery on his hand. Tim McManus was among those who spoke to Cole after yesterday's practice and found out that he was a lot more injured than seemingly anyone realized.

"It was an injury I actually had - two years ago it happened to me," said Cole. "But I kept playing with it and finally it snapped in half and I had to get some surgery. I played through the season with it."

"I tore tendons and everything. I snapped a bone and a tendon, right at the joint. The surgery went fine to help me get some movement in my hand and go from there."

It's worth pointing out that despite the fact that Cole had both a broken bone and torn tendons, the injury never appeared on the Eagles injury report in 2012. In fact, Cole only showed on the report once and that was in week 4 when he had a shoulder injury that didn't even keep him out of practice.

So yeah... NFL injury reports.

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