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Roseman: There are elite players in this draft


The 2013 draft class has taken a few hits from pundits who have said it may be a deep draft, but it's lacking at top end talent. Even some league people have hinted at this. Broncos president John Elway said recently that he thinks the talent that will be available where he picks at #28 is every bit as good as what will be available at pick #10.

Howie Roseman's response?

"Luckily, we're picking fourth."

Roseman says that on their board, there are certainly players that they feel can be elite in this league and will be ready to step in and play right away.

"No. I think that there is, certainly on our draft board, a clear line of players we think can be elite talents in this league," he said. "And then I do think there gets to be a point where you may get the same player, at least it's going to be choose your flavor. What you're looking for, what you like, which may be different than our board at some point in this draft. We certainly don't think that's at No. 4."

One of the reasons this draft class has not been seen as top heavy is the absence of the kind of high profile QBs that were available last year. But Roseman says that draft class has skewed expectations.

"You look at last year and I think the expectations are out of whack for the groups going forward because last year was a unique group," he said. "When we look back at that group, I think it's going to be one that people look back on and people say was a rare opportunity in the NFL, certainly at the top when you talk about those kinds of guys. When you take out last year and compare it to other years, (this year's class) falls more in line."

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