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Philadelphia Eagles' GM: Star Lotulelei cleared of all potential health issues

Pointing ability INTACT
Pointing ability INTACT
Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Prior to the combine, Utah DT Star Lotulelei was being forecasted as a top 5 pick by most mock drafts out there. However after he was sent home from the combine with a reported heart condition, his stock dropped quickly.

Since that time, Lotulelei has gotten a 2nd opinion, teams have had their own doctors examine him and it appears the issue is behind him. Speaking to reporters earlier today, Eagles GM Howie Roseman said that Star has been cleared of all potential health issues.

The issue was the doctors at the combine discovered that his heart was pumping blood at 44 percent efficiency when the normal range is between 55-70 percent. That said, even with this initial test, Star was not in the range where doctors would label his heart "defective" or even anything to worry about.

When he did get a second opinion, the issue was not found to be a concern and he was fully cleared to return to football. It's very likely that the NFL doctors at the combine wanted to avoid any and all liability in case of any possible negative circumstance.

This is why teams bring in guys for private workouts. They get to have their people examine them so they can make their own determinations on these kinds of issues.

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