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2013 NFL draft: A recent history of the 35th overall pick

Joe Robbins

Yesterday we took a look at the recent history of the #4 overall pick, which the Eagles hold in the upcoming draft. While hitting on that top pick will be important, it's almost just as vital that the Eagles make good use of their second rounder, #35 overall.

The level of talent available at #35 won't be terrible different from the guys available in the mid to late first round. So the Eagles will be expecting to get a major contributor at this spot. Let's take a look at the last 10 years.

Year Name Pos College Team
2012 Courtney Upshaw LB Alabama Ravens
2011 Andy Dalton QB TCU Cincinnati
2010 Brian Price DT UCLA Buccaneers
2009 James Laurinaitis LB Ohio State Rams
2008 Brandon Flowers CB Virginia Tech Chiefs
2007 Arron Sears G Tennessee Buccaneers
2006 Rocky McIntosh LB Miami Redskins
2005 Reggie Brown WR Georgia Eagles
2004 Igor Olshansky DE Oregon Chargers
2003 Charles Tillman CB LA-Lafayette Bears

It's probably too early to tell on Upshaw, but he'll get a chance to start this year. The jury is also probably still out on whether Andy Dalton is a real franchise QB, but he's been a very good return on that 2nd round pick so far and he's made a Pro Bowl.

Price has already been on 3 teams, which should tell you all need to know. Bust. James Laurinaitis has started every game for the Rams over the past 4 seasons. He's not a Pro Bowler at this point, but certainly a hit. Same for Flowers, who has started 78 games for the Chiefs.

Sears is an interesting case because he appeared to be on his way to a solid NFL career before a neurological disorder that developed as a result of a concussion ended his playing days at 27. It's actually a very sad story as to this day he can't even care for himself. As we learned yesterday with Gaines Adams, the Bucs have not only had bad luck drafting at these spots, they've had some truly awful tragedies as well.

McIntosh has started 78 games in his career and been a solid player. Reggie Brown... well we know about him. Ironically, his career fizzled out with the hard luck Bucs.

Olshansky started nearly 100 games over 8 seasons for 3 different NFL teams.

Charles Tillman has been a mainstay with the Bears over the last 10 years and made the last 2 Pro Bowls.

The hits here aren't nearly as high as they were with the #4 pick, but the success rate has been better. Really only 3 of these guys can be considered busts and one was a due to an unfortunate injury. Even Reggie Brown had a couple of decent seasons.

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