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Houston Chronicle league source says to "plug in" Geno Smith to the Eagles

Justin K. Aller

The smokescreen season is really picking up. According to Houston Chronicle writer, Lance Zierlein, a league source told him to plug West Virginia quarterback, Geno Smith, in at the 4th overall pick to the Eagles. Zierlein backs up the pick by saying that "I usually listen when this guy speaks." Here is Zierlein's full summary of the Eagles taking Smith in his lastest mock draft:

I was told to "plug Geno in here" by a league source and I usually listen when this guy speaks. Kelly’s offense probably won’t ask the QB to run as much as people would like to believe, but I do think his offense will try to stretch the field and play up-tempo which is something that Geno Smith is used to.

-Lance Zierlein, Houston Chronicle

This article and mock draft selection comes just days after former Eagles scout, Daniel Jeremiah, picked Smith for Philadelphia in his latest mock draft. When he was questioned about it on Twitter, Jeremiah went as far as to say he "hears things." Jeremiah has defended the pick on several additions of "Path to the Draft" as well.

Both Jeremiah and Zierlein are known to be very plugged into the league. They both believe Geno Smith will be Chip Kelly's pick. But the question is, are they right?

Kelly has said several times that he was not going to "reach" for a player or a need in this draft and general consensus by teams (at least by way of this offseason has gone) has been that Smith is not worth the 4th overall selection. Heck, even Andy Reid has likely passed up the opportunity to draft Smith.

Also keep in mind, scouts and coaches with loose lips, typically are not telling the truth or are saying things as part of a strategy. There is no real reason to take these reports as anything less than hearsay. That's why when you hear "league source," it could mean another team's scout is speculating or buying a false statement, himself. Either way, we will find out in 12 days.

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