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Mel Kiper: Philadelphia Eagles will get trade offers

Some of the most popular names connected with the Eagles in mock drafts have been defensive lineman. Most often those named have been guys like Star Lotulelei and Sharrif Floyd.

ESPN's Mel Kiper was asked yesterday whether he thinks a 3-4 end is really something worth taking that high?

"I would not look at a 3 4 defensive end," he said. "You think about Tyson Jackson of Kansas City, to me you can find those types of players down the road."

"I would prioritize the pass rusher, the cornerback, like Milliner. In this pass happy league in the NFL, I would go that route over a 3 4 defensive end."

He makes a decent point. It's entirely likely that the Eagles would have a shot at a guy like Sylvester Williams in the 2nd round. He may not be quite the player Star Lotulelei is, but the dropoff there is not as steep as it will be with the quality of corner or pass rusher that could be there. That will have to factor into the Eagles decision making process.

That said, making the #4 pick may not even be the best call. Kiper says that teams will likely be looking to move up that pick to get their hands on one of the top OTs.

"Certainly trading down, you're going to get offers because it's not costly to be up there. It's a case where there's going to be some hot players, and the hot players are going to be those left tackles. Everybody seems to want to go up and get those guys. "

"After Joeckel goes, if he goes one, that's going to make Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson two possibilities for teams that are going to look to move up. It depends how it flows through. I think they will get offers."

Who will make those offers? If I had to guess it would the Cardinals at #7, potentially the Bills at #8 and the Chargers at #11 are maybe the most likely possibility.

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