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2013 NFL free agency: Not even whispers


No one really knew exactly what to expect when the NFL's new "legal tampering" period kicked off last night. Initially, we thought we could be hearing rumors of deals being agreed to in principle and teams being in hot pursuit of one name or another. However, a late memo sent out by the league warning teams against coming to any kind of agreements seemed to quash those hopes.

And so we've been left with... not much. A few teams have re-signed their own guys (William Moore in ATL, Leodis McKelvin in Buffalo), the Chiefs signed Dunta Robinson to "starter money" (way to learn Andy!) but he had been cut so he was free to sign whenever.

As for free agent rumors. There's almost nothing. Even Mike Florio has been lamenting the lack of news/tips he's been getting. There have been whispers that the Eagles have interest in Miami CB Sean Smith, but that's likely just repeating the same rumors we heard a week ago.

I'm not really expecting much in the way of news and rumors until Tuesday, when free agency starts for real. In the meantime, we could certainly see a few guys re-sign with their original teams. If this "negotiation period" has done one thing, it's allowed guys to get a gauge of their true market value and bring that number back to their teams.

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