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Brian Westbrook thinks Dennis Dixon will be backup over Nick Foles

Brian Westbrook is a staple for modern day Eagles fans. He is probably the best two-way running back of the last 15 years and is adored by most, if not all, Eagles fans. Westy is part of a new promotion by Gillette that will culminate with on Sunday during Philadelphia's St. Patrick's Day festivities. Westbrook will be manning the Gillette float during the St. Patrick's Day parade and will be promoting smooth shaving for men hoping to get a kiss "because they're Irish."

Eagles fans hold former Philadelphia All-Pro running back, Brian Westbrook, in extremely high regard. During his career with the Birds, he shattered plenty of franchise records and came through when the team needed him the most. Now, Westbrook is working for several media outlets (including Comcast and CBS) and is currently promoting Gillette's "Kiss Me, I'm Smooth Shaven!" campaign. As part of the promotion, Westbrook will occupy the Gillette float at this year's Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day parade festivities on Sunday. Along with his promotional efforts, the former Eagles superstar took some time to answer a few questions this week with Bleeding Green Nation.

"it was time for Andy Reid to move on." - Brian Westbrook

Westbrook has an interesting perspective on Andy Reid and the end of his era with the Birds. He played for Reid and was around the team as late as the last home game of the 2012 season when he was honored during halftime of the Eagles game against the Redskins. Having known Reid as well as he does, he seems to think his departure from the franchise was a good move for both sides. Westbrook says that "14 years in one place gets kind of old, it gets kind of stale" and "it was time for Andy Reid to move on."

The Chip Kelly hiring has gotten a lot of hype as well, something Westbrook is very aware of, saying that "if you look at the athletes coming out of college, especially at the quarterback position, you're seeing the type of quarterback like Cam Newton and Russell Wilson that you start to get a feel that, at least for the time being, that the offenses are going for those type of quarterbacks, so the Chip Kelly offense may be the thing of the future."

if [Vick] doesn't work out, Dixon will be waiting in the wings to run that offense."

Westbrook's belief that mobile quarterbacks are the future of the league, led to his conclusion of who the Eagles quarterback would be in 2013. He said "I think Michael Vick will be the starter. I think Chip Kelly will give him every opportunity to be the starter. I think if it doesn't work out, Dennis Dixon's will be waiting in the wings to run that offense." When asked if he thought 2nd year quarterback, Nick Foles, had a shot at the starting job, Westbrook acknowledged that he doesn't think Nick Foles is the type of quarterback that Chip Kelly wants to run that offense.

No stranger to the running back by committee system, Westbrook weighed in on the possible split in carries by the tandem of Lesean McCoy and Bryce Brown. He said "Lesean (McCoy) is definitely an all-around back. He's the type of guy that can carry the load as far as running the ball and catching the ball out of the backfield, but I don't think (being in a running back by committee) will hamper him." He went on to say "as a running back, you want to get in a rhythm and you want to stay in the game as long as possible, but you need someone to go in and give you a breather. I think Bryce Brown is definitely capable, especially if you use him in the right way."

Remember to check out Brian Westbrook this Sunday (tomorrow) during the St. Patrick's Day parade festivities and look for the Gillette float. You can upload pictures of you and your lady (or man) smooching during the parade and send them to @Gillette on Twitter with #KISSablySmooth and you can win some great St. Patrick's Day gear.

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