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Mailbag: Eagles safety options, Vick's future, free agency and more

Eagles Q&A - Please keep sending more questions!

Justin K. Aller

Welcome to the BGN Mailbag!

First, thanks for all your questions. Be sure to keep sending them in! Remember, there's 2 ways to enter a question:

  1. Email your question(s) to: BGNmailbag (at)


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To the answers...


Imp: Would it be better to try Mike Vick for another year or give up two 2nd rounders for Alex Smith?

Honestly, I would choose option A with a caveat, which is that we’re giving it a go with Vick OR Foles for another year. I do happen to like Alex Smith and I think he’d be even better in Chip Kelly’s offense than Andy Reid’s because he’s been much more successful in run first offenses where he doesn’t throw a lot. However, I thought he would come cheap.

That said, for that price KC paid I’d rather give it another go with the guys we have and go after a young QB next year. Or if Foles proves himself to be the guy this year, then all problems are solved.

TheFog: How are we going to get a QB? Vick is not the long term answer, Dixon isn't either, and the new staff doesn't seem to have confidence in Foles. Where are we going to get a QB from?

First off, I don’t think we can assume the new staff doesn’t have confidence in Foles. Keeping Vick around does seem like they’re hedging for sure, but I really think Foles is going to have a shot at this job. I know Chip Kelly likes mobile QBs and I’m sure that’s why he kept Vick around, but we've also hear about how practical Chip is as well. I can’t believe that Kelly would bench Foles if he truly outplayed Vick in camp. And if Foles wins the job outright.. maybe he proves that he’s the guy going forward.

"I really think Foles is going to have a shot at this job" - Jason B

Beyond that though, I think the next QB is going come from the draft. Perhaps it’s a guy like E.J. Manuel or someone mobile in the 2nd to 3rd round this year or maybe they spend a top pick next year. But I feel very confident in saying that this Kelly/Roseman team will draft a QB in the near future.

@PhilaDehlia: Your thoughts on the Female Kicker trying out at the New Jersey Combine? (Link to video)

So, first I want to say a bit about what a regional combine is. It’s more or less an open tryout that you have to pay to participate in. Some teams send a scout to some of them, but most teams are not even represented there by scouts. So really, I find it hard to see a girl trying out, or anyone really as any kind of accomplishment. As long as you register and pay the fee, you can go to a regional combine.

What I find borderline offensive is how the NFL has promoted this girl’s participation as "feel good story" and some kind of proof of league’s progress… when they’re charging her to go! It’s not like they found some prodigy kicker and are giving her a shot (which would be great). She paid the fee! If you’re going to exploit the girl for PR reasons, at least let her try out for free. And if you’re such great guys at the NFL and she’s doing something so "historic" why not just invite her to Indy for the real combine?


Mar 3, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; Lauren Silberman talks reporters after walking off at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center after her second kickoff during kicker tryouts. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Mike E. Kaye:

PF-Flyers22: If Nnamdi is shown the door, what's the chance that we don't spend a first rounder on a CB...2%?

I do not see the Eagles grabbing a cornerback in the first round. Right now, if they kept their original first round pick (4th overall), I would put the chances of drafting a cornerback at that spot at maybe 20%. If they trade back into the mid-teens, I would say the percentage grows to 60%. I am not really sure drafting a cornerback number one is really essential, considering the strengths of this class. I will say if they do not add a major cornerback in free agency (Antoine Cason, Sean Smith, Derek Cox), then the likeliness of a cornerback in the first two rounds would be around 80%.

"Drafting a cornerback number one is not really essential, considering the strengths of this class" - Mike Kaye

Naguabo: Chip Kelly is known for putting together high-powered offenses, so do you expect him to make major personnel changes or to use scheme and playcalling changes to rev up the Eagles' offensive engine?

I think the word to use with Chip Kelly and the transition into "his" offense is "process." Kelly is pegged as a brilliant offensive mind and I believe if he is truly a genius, he can manage the current talent well because frankly he has to. I will say I believe you will see an upgrade at right guard, whether it is Todd Herramens moving inside or the Eagles add a valuable cog via free agency or draft. I do believe the Eagles will add a major pass catching option at tight end. I do not think Brent Celek is endanger of losing his starting gig, but I do think you will see a ton of two-tight end sets. I think Jeremy Maclin is upgradable and I believe Chip is open to upgrading the number 2 wide receiver spot, but I do not think that will happen this season.

JR: What is the likelihood Eagles will pursue the following FA's? (See below) Based on percentages.

This is a very tough question because we are not fully sure if we the Eagles will run zone or man principles and I am not so sure the Eagles will run a complete 4-3 under or move to the 3-4 right away. I will say a lot of these players will seek ridiculous money but the Eagles do have a bunch of cap. These percentages are not based on anything but personal opinion and what I gather is Kelly and Davis' type of player:

Dashon Goldson 40%
Andy Levitre 40%
Paul Kruger 30%
Danell Ellerbee 15%
William Moore 40%
Sean Smith 50%
Cary Williams 5%
Keenan Lewis 25%
Anthony Spencer 10%

TheFog: Should I put a Quarq or a PowerTap on my Mountain Bike?

PowerTap is interesting but I am not really sure they serve any purpose other than being a novelty item of a tire. Quarq's steam to be something that would overall improve a bike's performance. I think PowerTap is more of showy, professional biker's "I have a small penis" addition, while the Quarqs seem like a more practical item that is much more affordable and is not a flashy item.


Oct. 14, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Buffalo Bills guard Andy Levitre against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Eliot Shorr-Parks:

@GaryR111: What's the best SpongeBob song? (Bubble bowl? F-U-N? Campfire?)

Being a 25 year-old male, I am not into SpongeBob like some of the other people my age who pretend to be. You'll never catch me rocking a SpongeBob backpack like the kids who are way to old to be doing so do these days. The only thing that looks more foolish than those are those stupid Sesame Street fitted hats, or people who wear Beat headphones to a sporting event. Fail. That being said, having a 11 year old brother, even I know this is a trick question. The best Spongebob song is indeed "Ripped My Pants". Enjoy.

TheFog: For the last 2 years in the preseason, I've felt the Eagles had a really good team, and were likely to go deep into the playoffs. Clearly, I was very, very wrong. So, this year I pretty much think there're going to suck. Although that might change after I see what they do in free agency and draft, I'm thinking that this year will be a rebuilding year. Any chance I'm just as wrong this year and they'll turn out to be good?

Before I answer this question, it should be noted that I did indeed pick the Eagles to win the Super Bowl last year. My reasoning? The defense would be improved (which it was to start the season) and Michael Vick would prove people wrong. So, 0-2 on that one and a major miss on the parade down Broad Street. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that I do think this team can compete next year and will not be the train wreck many people think. I honestly believe that the problem last season was more off the field than on it, as the weight (no pun intended) of Andy Reid really hurt this team. Being in the locker room, once things fell apart, boom, that was it. You could feel the team knew the season was over because Reid would be fired. This year I think they'll play without the pressure of 14 years and no Super Bowl on their shoulders, and be better for it. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong last year did and they won 4 games. So if things turn around even a little under Chip Kelly, I can see this team winning 7-8 games, which could compete for a playoff spot.

"You could feel the team knew the season was over because Reid would be fired." - ESP

@jakesinger28: Now that Jarius Byrd is off the market who do the eagles try to sign at safety?

With all of the holes the Eagles need to fill on defense, I think the chances of them drafting a safety high this year is slim. They need someone who can come in a start right away, not a project. One name to keep an eye one is Dashon Goldson of the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers did not franchise Goldson like many thought they would, making him the top safety on the market. Goldson finished last season as the 20th best safety in the league according to ProFootballFocus and scored out good against the run and the pass. To put that in perspective, Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen finished 84th and 85th out of the 88 safeties that were ranked. He also has played in a 3-4, which isn't huge considering he plays in the secondary, but it is worth noting. One advantage the Eagles will have in landing Goldson is Tom Gamble's familiarity with him. The real advantage, however, will be that if the Eagles really want him, they will be able to match any offer he can get from another team as they have more than enough cap room to do so. Goldson may not be Jarius Byrd, but he would be a significant upgrade.

David: I believe this may happen but I want to get another opinion - I know LeSean is a good back and could be great but I think he may have to split more carries then he thinks with Bryce Brown - Prob a 65% to 35% or even a 60/40 because Bryce could be amazing with his size and speed. Do you think this could happen as I do?

McCoy will not see the same percentage of the carries he did last year, but with Chip Kelly and Pat Shurmur now running the offense, that does not mean he will see less. Last year with Reid running the show there were not a ton of carries to go around, so each precious carry that was given to Brown seemed to be one too many. If you trust what the new coaches have said so far, the Eagles should run the ball more this year. If the Eagles run it 35 times a game, I could see Brown getting 10 of them, leaving McCoy with anywhere from 20-25 carries. That also doesn't include any touches McCoy could get from the passing game. Last season McCoy carried the ball 200 times in 12 starts, which comes out to around 16 carries a game- meaning he should see an increase in carries this year, even if Brown does as well.


November 18, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (25) runs with the ball during the game against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Klausner:

Jimmy Kempski: Back in the day Comedy Central would air Girls Gone Wild commercials on a loop at like 4am.

My parents live at the Jersey Shore, and I used to go down there on weekends. I'd get drunk at the bars, come home, put on South Park and pass out on their sofa.

On more than one occasion, my mother would come downstairs to wake me up and try to get me to go to sleep in my room instead of on the sofa. When she would wake me up, South Park wouldn't be on anymore. It would be the Girls Gone Wild commercials by then. So from her perspective it looked like I was watching near porn on basic cable.

Again, this happened multiple times.

So my question is... What do you do in a situation like this? Do you address it with mom, and explain that GGW came on after you fell asleep, or do you just avoid the embarrassment of mentioning it?

Haven't we all had to deal with something like this in our lives? For me it was when my mom would come into my room to wake me up in the morning and find me asleep with my hands down my pants. "Daniel, that's GROSS!" Me, groggily, realizing my hands are down my pants: "Oh, uh, it's for warmth." Luckily I was pretty good about when I watched late-night Skinemax in my early adolescence, before eventually graduating to good old internet porn on the computer in my room.

Where were we? Ah, yes. I'd say this type of situation all depends on the relationship you have with your mother. Can you be honest and forthright with her? After all, you'd actually be telling the truth here in denying watching GGW. Your only vice in those instances was imbibing/getting wasted, which, of course, is fairly common practice, especially in your 20's. No shame in your game, Jimmy.

"She's your mom, she'll love you no matter what" - Dan

Now, she's your mom, she'll love you no matter what. Also, in general, she can't be oblivious to the fact that you're A) a guy and B) a guy. With guy needs. You might not have been watching GGW, but you WERE doing something (else) to get your hormonal rocks off. Maybe assure her that you weren't a total lame-ass and could indeed bag real-life women -- you smooth operator, you -- instead of pathetically indulging in near porn on basic cable. You have since matured (relatively speaking), gotten married and provided your mom with a granddaughter, so I think it's time you can freely address the GGW conundrum in retrospect.

@say_voy: Whats the best way for the Eagles to fill holes at Safety, CB, & NT without losing out on impact players by trading down?

Best player available, always. Trust your evaluations, trust your intel, trust your board -- the one you've been putting together for the past 7-8 months. That's why you do all the tape and background work, put in all the hours. In terms of making sure you can fill holes at S, CB and NT even when trading down... at the time you decide to trade down, you better have, say, 5 players at each position who are ranked fairly similarly on your board, so that you can trade down however many spots and still grab one of those preferred prospects when your pick comes around.

Milroyigglesfan: I'm as excited for this new season as I'd been in some time. There is more than a feel of change...

But before I get too far down the road to "HopesDashedburg", can you give me some realistic expectations of what you consider a successful eagles season for a start?
Is a good season one under Chip Kelly win loss record only? Is it the kind of team we have... scrappy and in games regardless of record?
Is it fixing the turnovers?

When season one ends... what minimum makes it a good first year?

I've heard some say they are okay with another 4-12, but I don't believe anyone will be happy until we hit 7-9 at a minimum. your thoughts?

I think it's dependent upon the kind of the team we have and how it plays on a week-to-week basis. Here is how I'll judge next season: Do I see real progress on the field? Tangible evidence I can point to and say, "That's different from seasons past with Andy, and thank fucking God it is." Fixing the infinite amount of turnovers, brain-dead playing and coaching, egregiously unbalanced play-calling, horrendous and inexcusable time management, so on and so forth. I just want to be given reasons to be hopeful and optimistic for what lies ahead after 2013. If that's how I feel at the end of the season, I'll consider it a "success."


That's it for this week. Don't see your question answered? No worries, we're still getting around to it. Look for it in a future edition.

Keep the questions coming!

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