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The Linc - The danger of restructuring

Rich Schultz

The Danger of the Contract Restructure - Over the Cap
The other day ESPN’s Chris Mortensen tweeted about how the NFL doesn’t really have hard cap like people think because of the ability to go “cash over cap”, meaning the ability to spend a large portion of cash dollars in one year but because of proration minimal cap dollars. So that got me thinking that this might be a good topic for a post with all of the contract restructures going on. The point that Mortensen misses is the fact that in the NFL at some point the bill becomes due

Ray's Replies: Will Geno Smith be a top pick? | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Smith has excellent size (6-3, 220) and a strong arm -- probably the strongest arm of this year’s QB class. He still needs to smooth out his fundamentals, in particular his footwork which is choppy and inconsistent. That affects his accuracy. But because so many teams need a quarterback and because they are in such short supply, I believe Smith, aided by a strong showing at the combine, will be a top-12 pick.

Female kicker Lauren Silberman's NFL regional combine tryout lasts all of 2 kicks - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Lauren Silberman's NFL tryout lasted all of two kicks, neither of which traveled 20 yards. Silberman became the first woman to compete at an NFL regional scouting combine on Sunday, but left the New York Jets' practice field after re-injuring her quadriceps. She tried two kickoffs, the first going 19 yards and the second about 13 yards, and then asked to see a trainer.

Tyrann Mathieu confident he could hang with Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson |
"I feel like if I was to check somebody like a Calvin Johnson, he'll make his plays, but I'm definitely going to get mine, too," Mathieu said. "He's going to catch his five balls, but I'm going to get my two turnovers, so we'll be even."

2014 NFL Draft: Will Johnny Manziel enter the draft after next season? -
The speculation over Johnny Football's NFL future has already begun.

Jake Long looks for $11 million contract per season, according to report | SI Tracking Blog
Free agent tackle to-be Jake Long is looking for a contract that will pay him $11 million annually, a number that would make him among the highest-paid players at his position.

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